Baby Kidnapped by Mom Suspected of Murdering Social Worker

Here is the way to contact authorities if you have any information that can help them find the kidnapped little boy and the two people suspected of brutally killing the social worker who was caring for the child.

Police last spotted the 2000 white Daewoo Nubia station wagon in southern Illinois. The license plate is 675-DRU. It is a Kentucky plate. Renee Terrell, the boy’s mother, is white, 5-5, 240 pounds, brown eyes, glasses. She has a history of child abuse according to authorities. Her boyfriend, Christopher Luttrell is white, blue eyes, 6-2, 150 pounds, tattoos on his arms. The little boy is Saige Terrell. He has a scratch on the right side of his face and a rug burn on the back of his neck. Call police at 270-827-8700.

Thanks for all the emails regarding the Madonna adoption! I am going to share more of them on air. I will only use your first name and state.

What did you think about the use of the term “illegals” in a political ad? Is it accurate or racially insensitive?

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