Viewers Sound Off on Madonna Adoption, Illegal Immigration

Great points from you about the Madonna adoption of the boy from Malawi.

Your2centsworth (sorry, don’t have your name) and Cindy said why didn’t Madge just give money to the father and he could have taken his boy back from the orphanage.

Elizabeth said shame on me because Madonna should have taken both the little boy and his father.

Lisa, who adopted a child from China, says she wishes it were made easier for everyone to adopt the children in need. Ditto that!

Jeanne questioned how people would have reacted if the celebrity adopting the boy was Michael Jackson. My reply to her was that even if you aren’t a Madonna fan, she’s never been accused of being a bad parent. MJ has been.

On to the federal judge who sentenced the N.Y. lawyer who was found GUILTY of material support of a terrorist. Instead of the 30-year sentence, he gave her 2 years. He cited her battle with breast cancer and her legal work for poor individuals. WHAT??? Since when does doing some work for the poor entitle you to break the law and get a slap on the wrist?

Mario wrote that it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Robert e-mailed that he doesn’t like how passionate I get about some of the stories. He prefers a host who is more detached.

Here are a couple of responses to yesterday’s illegal immigrant reports. I was planning to put more but accidentally deleted them. Sorry.

Illegals get away with not paying taxes, but what about all the so-called honest tax-paying citizens who pay cleaning, lawn care, painting, etc. under the table cash. This is ripping off the U.S. Treasury millions of dollars a year.

I am an American with Vietnamese and Italian ancestry, and I have been following the illegal immigration debate. I read your article and laughed when I saw your daughter's quote "they are just trying to earn a living." I hear that all the time too and it usually starts a debate. The points I don't hear enough about are how illegal immigration is already negatively affecting America in our economy and our security. Take three important parts of society: education, law enforcement and medical. How many illegal immigrant children have been admitted to our schools? How does that affect the quality of education? Referencing your article, what are the cost of policing, arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating illegal immigrants? How many visits are there to emergency rooms by illegal immigrants? How much does that cost taxpayers? I am willing to pay twice for a tomato if it meant lower medical and education costs. I'd pay a lawn service twice as much if it meant less crime. Illegal immigration cost us millions each year and degrades our quality of life. There are points that you can't put a price on also: national security. I saw on your network where "coyotes" are letting terrorist across U.S.-Mexico borders. I hope you keep doing your articles about what illegal immigrants are doing in this country and how they are negatively affecting America.

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