Does Sen. John Kerry Deserve a Second Chance?

Senator John Kerry says he deserves a second chance.

This is not a honky-tonk song about a guy who has done his girl wrong and wants another chance. Kerry is talking about another chance running for president.

When I saw the comment, I thought, he must be the only person in America thinking that.

Is that what Democrats anxious to regain power are talking about? I don't think so.

I talk to a lot of people, both conservatives and liberals. Often we talk about politics. The one thing I never hear come up is John Kerry's second run for the White House.

I hear about Al Gore's next run. That comes up a lot. Gore is the pure anti-Bush candidate for the far left.

First, they believe that Gore won the first time, so he should have been in the White House the last six years anyway. They also think that Gore is the only pure anti-Bush, anti-war candidate — he was screaming about Iraq and "Bush lied, people died" way, way before anybody else.

I also hear a lot about Hillary — for obvious reasons. Many conservatives actually long for the days when Bill was on the loose in the White House and a Hillary presidency promises more of that in spades.

I hear talk of "President McCain" — lots of Republicans think he's the best hope for the GOP.

I hear John Edwards talking about John Edwards. Not much from other people, but he's still considered a fresh young face with an upbeat message: "Up with people" with a campaign plane.

But I never hear about a second Kerry run. I even heard Senator Ted Kennedy ruminating privately about national politics and I'm almost positive another run by his fellow senator did not come up.

So who is it talking about another Kerry run except the senator himself? Is there a groundswell for more of the French-speaking, windsurfing, ketchup-dipping candidate than I think?

I'm sure his supporters will write.

That's My Word.

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