Tampa Bound

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

This is a travel day for your hosts of "FOX & Friends," after our Monday show, we are all heading down to Tampa/St. Petersburg for a live telecast on Tuesday morning at the Loews Don Cesar Beach Resort. Don't worry we're stocked up on SPF 900!

Brian Kilmeade offered to drive us down in his Pacer wagon (he just wanted the 20 cents a mile), but there wasn't enough room for all of the cameras, so we're hitching. If you see somebody who looks like me along with a pretty blond girl and a guy from Long Island, with three thumbs out on I-95 southbound sometime Monday, please pull over, we need a lift to Florida, pronto.

I've got a lot going on in the Sunshine State. Tuesday is the day my book, "The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook" officially is released and now available wherever you buy books.

Thanks to those who have written so many kind words, "side-splittingly funny commentary" is how NewsMax describes it. Donald Trump said, "I endorse this book!", The Washington Times says it's "funnier than Dave Barry. It's now the top of my wedding gift list."

Of course you won't read anything about my book in the mainstream media, why is that? Why don't they want to cover a funny book that is positive about marriage? Hmm.

Chances are it's simple — they don't like FOX News because the network has been so successful over the last 10 years and they'd never give a FOX News author any positive ink.

So stand up to the mainstream media people! Support your favorite channel and buy a book by a FOX News author today! (Of course I think you should pick up "The Mr. & Mrs. Happy Handbook," but I also suggest you check out Bill O'Reilly's "Culture Warrior," which is also terrific!)

By the way, if you'd like information about my book tour which will include stops in Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis, Tampa, Houston, New York and New Jersey, please visit www.happyhandbook.com. That is also where you can find out how to buy an autographed copy if you like.

Thanks again for your support, on behalf of all of the FOX News hosts who have written books and thank you for making our books part of your "fair and balanced" home library.

Have a great day, and we'll see you each and every morning on FOX & Friends!

Steve Doocy

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