Look for My Future Reports About Efforts to Track Down Illegal Aliens in the U.S.

The news of the day is changing so fast you’ll have to check our channel or Web site often to keep up.

What I can tell you about is that I am working on some great stories about efforts to track down illegal aliens in the U.S.

Tomorrow, a new study will be released showing the illegal alien problem is much worse than most people expected (or at least those in Washington!).

This morning, I spent hours with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents — ICE. I have worked with them a couple of times and will soon be showing you some reports about what they’re doing.

Today, they picked up a child rapist, a massive drug dealer, and a guy who’s eluded them for years. When I told my 14-year-old that I was going out on the arrests she responded, “But mom, that’s so mean. They’re just trying to earn a living.” When I explained what they had been arrested for it changed her opinion. That’s the problem. We all feel sorry for poor people trying to better their lives. But there are plenty of poor people here trying to do the same thing. Further, as jail statistics show, many of the people here illegally commit more illegal activity while here.

The good news is that every border agent I’ve communicated with (away from any of their supervisors) say the problem is getting better IF our politicians continue to fund the programs they’ve said they would. So called “Catch and Release” is almost non-existent now. More people are being transported to the interior of countries and further away from a spot where they can easily sneak back in. Arrests at work sites is resulting in fewer businesses willing to take the risk. That leads to fewer illegal jobs and fewer people who will risk coming into the country if a job isn’t readily available. Employers need verifiable ID that they can check. Businesses making a buck by ripping off illegals have to be prosecuted. There is much to discuss and to show you. I have a fascinating interview with a murderer. I’ll show you how Americans try to protect horrible criminals such as the drug dealer and the child rapist. You won’t want to miss it.

Thank you to those who sent me news from your area that hasn’t made it to the national media. We’ve aired some of those stories and are working on others.

ALSO, I’m still laughing at some of the tough love parenting stories that many of you sent in. The mom who said her teenage son told her he didn’t need anything from her…until she cut the electricity to his room…took the cake. Wish we could apply some common sense parenting to the North Korea issue!

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