Sharp, Fujitsu Latest to Recall Sony Batteries

Japanese electronics makers Sharp and Fujitsu announced plans Friday to recall laptop batteries made by Sony, adding to an already massive global recall of the batteries that are at risk of overheating and catching fire.

Sharp Corp. said it was recalling 28,000 Sony-made battery packs for seven laptop models plus separately sold batteries, all for domestic Japanese use, according to company spokesman Hiroshi Takenami.

He said the company so far has received no reports of accidents as in the United States.

"We decided to recall the batteries to ensure safety for our customers," Takenami said. The recalls come after the discovery that the batteries can short-circuit and cause some computers to overheat.

Another electronics maker, Fujitsu, also said that it was recalling more laptop batteries made by Sony Corp (SNE). following an initial recall earlier this month.

Kyodo News agency said Fujitsu's recall Friday concerns 51,000 Sony-made batteries.

The company's Web site did not say how many batteries were to be recalled. It said that a total 11 models including nine which were also sold outside Japan were to be recalled because they may contain defective batteries by Sony.

On Oct. 4, Fujitsu announced that it was recalling more than 280,000 laptop batteries worldwide made by Sony.

Fujitsu officials were not immediately available for comment.