Nigerian Police Shoot Two Demonstrators

Police shot and killed at least one demonstrator and wounded another taking part in a political protest Friday in central Nigeria, witnesses said.

"The crowd blocked the road and were throwing stones; then the police fired," local journalist Celestine Attsar said. Attsar said he saw one man killed by a shot to the head and a wounded man carried into a nearby hospital.

The crowd was protesting the attempted impeachment of state governor Joshua Dariye for corruption. Jos is the capital of Plateau state.

Following the shootings, the house of a top Nigerian politician was torched and several cars set on fire, Attsar added. Others in the area said they heard shooting near government buildings.

Soldiers flooded the streets but they did not appear to be restricting people's movement.

Gov. Dariye is one of more than 12 state governors currently being investigated for corruption.

Local legislators had been bused into the state capital under tight security by the government's anti-corruption body to debate the impeachment proceedings -- part of an attempt to crackdown on widespread corruption in Africa's largest oil producer.

Governors are immune from prosecution while in office but can be stripped of their title and tried.