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Dear Friends,

It's Friday, and today on The Daily Doocy, more of your real life secrets to a happy marriage. If you’d like to find out how to submit your story, please read to the end, and the information is all right there for your viewing pleasure.

E-mail No. 1

The secret to our happy marriage is that we rub each others' back every night for 20 minutes. The back rubs started when we were dating over 30 years ago and we've rarely missed a night since. The key to our marriage — you can't stay mad at someone when they're rubbing your back!
He's still the one!
Tammy Hyde
Dripping Springs, TX

E-mail No. 2

Dear Steve,
My two teenagers and I just love watching "FOX & Friends" every morning while getting ready for work and school. You guys just crack us up! Thanks so much for such a great show.
As for our Happy Handbook story, my wonderful husband and I have just celebrated our 20th anniversary and we believe that the secret to our happy marriage is just showing love and kindness to each other in the little everyday things we do for each other. But my husband is far better at this than I am!
For example, my husband, Jonathan leaves for work before I do, but on cold winter mornings he often rounds up my coat and driving gloves and lays them by my purse for me before he leaves, because he knows I'm often in a rush to get the kids out the door and off to school, etc.
Well, one cold winter's morning I heard him running the hair dryer and knowing that he doesn't use a blow dryer on his hair, out of curiosity I went down the hall towards the bathroom to see what he was doing. Before I got there, he came out of the bathroom holding my driving gloves! I asked him what in the world he was doing? And as he held up my driving gloves for me to see, he gave me a big triumphant smile and replied, "I went looking for your driving gloves to lay with your coat and discovered that you had left them out in the car overnight and they were ice cold, so I was just using the hair dryer to warm them up for you! Isn't that just the most thoughtful thing? It just touched my heart so much and I will never, ever forget it! Just a simple little thing like that made me feel so loved and cherished by him, but then again, that's my Jonny! He's a prince!
Thanks for letting me brag on him!
Kathleen Wolt
Round Rock, TX
P.S. He would just DIE if he found out I sent this in! :-)

E-mail No. 3

Steve, after unsuccessfully trying to turn my wife into me for 20 years, I finally came to the following conclusion: Knowing how hard it is to change your own bad habits, think how hard it would be to change someone else's! You know the old saying, "Marriage turns two people into one. The problem comes in deciding which one!"
So, I decided that I would accept my wife the way she was or just leave her. I've been now happily married for 35 years....
Tom Sullivan
Memphis, TN

E-mail No. 4

The secret to our happy marriage is 36 years of sharing. He shares his paycheck; I share a small allowance for him. He shares his high school principal stories with me; I share a better elementary school principal story with him. He shares his time to do the dishes; I share my time messing up more dishes for him to clean. He takes out all the garbage; I make sure he has garbage to take out. He shares the remote control so I will watch television with him; I share my busy time watching chick flicks with him. He shares his political views with me; I strongly share my very conservative political views with him. He brings me coffee while we watch "FOX & Friends" each morning; I drink the coffee he brings as I watch "FOX & Friends" with him. He shares his great big heart with me; I share my medium-size heart with him, and for 36 years, we are still so close that you can't get a piece of paper between us because we still share everything!
Denny and Jo Ann Burroughs (retired school principals)
Ninety Six, SC

E-mail No. 5

The secret to our happy marriage is that we embrace loss. How we were then, how we are now:
THEN: Staked an "I LOVE YOU" sign in front of my apartment building, so it would be the first thing I saw when I got home from work.
NOW: Didn't say a word about the money when I sold his lawn mower without asking him and hired an expensive lawn service. No more nagging about cutting the grass.
THEN: Wrote 40 handwritten love letters and they were delivered neatly bundled to my mailbox all in one day. The mailman smiled at me for two months after that delivery.
NOW: Spends quality time with our boys — rough houses with them the point that the pictures fall off the walls, pillows fly about and precious knick knacks are lost.
THEN: Never complained when I would drag him to chick flicks on the weekends.
NOW: Never complains when I RENT chick flicks on the weekends as long as there is popcorn and at least one hot woman involved. And I really do try not to complain about the History Channel.
Priorities change and so does love, precious things are lost, but the magic is still alive. Woo-Hoo!
Leslie Dahl and Andrew

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