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Chris Wallace
Sunday, October 15, 2006

On FOX News Sunday this week:

With the alleged North Korean nuclear test, worsening violence in Iraq and ongoing Iranian efforts to enrich uranium, the U.S. is facing a range of major international threats. What is the Bush administration doing to effectively deal with the numerous challenges abroad and is it enough? We will discuss the latest with the Secretary of State and a key Democratic Senate leader.


Our guests this week include:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)

During his 2002 State of the Union, President Bush declared that the U.S. would not “permit the world's most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons.” But four years later, North Korea has apparently joined the nuclear club with its claimed atomic test and Iran is continuing its effort to develop nuclear power unabated. What can the U.S. do to confront the North Korean threat, and will current efforts through the United Nations Security Council be successful? Additionally, with ongoing violence in Iraq, and Iranian intransigence regarding its nuclear program, is the Bush administration still capable of addressing national security threats? For insights and answers, we will speak with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Then, almost two years after he nearly won the White House, we will discuss the latest foreign policy and political news with Sen. John Kerry. What are the Democratic Party's proposals for addressing the North Korean nuclear threat and the escalating sectarian warfare in Iraq? And with the likelihood that Democrats may win back one or both houses of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections, what are their legislative plans for next year? We will discuss the foreign policy challenges with Sen. Kerry, along with his chances in the 2008 presidential campaign.

And with 23 days until election day, our FOX News Sunday panel will discuss the impact of the week's events on the midterm elections and Republican chances of maintaining control of the House and Senate. The panel will include FOX News Managing Editor Brit Hume, Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol, NPR Senior National Correspondent Juan Williams, and NPR National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson.

Finally, our Power Player this week brings Hollywood's biggest stars and films to Washington.

So check your local listings and we'll see you on the next FOX News Sunday,

Chris Wallace