50 Illegal Immigrants Found By Police In San Antonio Duplex

Police find more than 50 illegal immigrants in San Antonio duplex

San Antonio police conducting a routine stolen car check came across a "stash house" holding 51 illegal immigrants.

Officers say the 38 men, 12 women and a 17-year-old girl were crammed into three stuffy upstairs bedrooms.

Fred Hellenbeck of U-S Immigrations and Customs Enforcement says the migrants were being held in "deplorable conditions" without electricity. The 51 people shared one bathroom.

He says most of the migrants said they had been held in the house from two to eight days.

Many were hungry and thirsty and hadn't bathed in days. None of the migrants requested medical attention and none showed signs of physical abuse.

Hellenbeck says the migrants are from Mexico and Central American countries. They face civil charges of being in the country illegally and will be deported.

One unidentified man was in custody and could be charged with smuggling.