The following is a timeline of North Korea's missile program:

Aug. 31, 1998: North Korea fires a multistage Taepodong-1 missile over Japan and into the Pacific Ocean.

Sept. 13, 1999: North Korea pledges to freeze long-range missile tests.

Sept. 2002: North Korea pledges in summit talks with Japan to extend its moratorium on missile tests beyond 2003.

May 2004: North Korea reaffirms its missile moratorium in summit talks with Japan.

May 2005: North Korea fires a short-range missile into the Sea of Japan.

March 2006: North Korea fires two short-range missiles.

May 18: Japan says North Korea moved a missile to a launch site. Media reports identify it as a Taepodong-2.

June 7: South Korea expresses deep concern over signs North Korea may be preparing to test fire a ballistic missile.

June 14: The U.S. ambassador to South Korea warns of American countermeasures if North Korea conducts a missile test.

June 16: The U.S. says a test of a Taepodong-2 long-range missile may be imminent.

June 18: North Korea vows to increase its "military deterrent" to cope with what it called U.S. attempts to provoke war.

June 20: A North Korean official is quoted as saying the country is not bound by 2002 Pyongyang Declaration moratorium on missile tests.

June 21: U.S. President George W. Bush warns North Korea faces further isolation if it test fires a long-range missile.

June 21: A North Korean diplomat in New York demands direct talks with the U.S. Washington rejects the demand.

June 28: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao says North Korea should refrain from aggravating regional tensions with missile launch.

June 29: Bush warns a North Korean missile launch is unacceptable. Visiting Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi says a launch would be followed by "various pressures."

July 3: North Korea says it would respond to a pre-emptive U.S. military attack with an "annihilating strike and a nuclear war."

July 5: North Korea launches a series of missiles.

Aug. 18: Military and intelligence sources tell FOX News there are indications North Korea may be preparing to conduct an underground nuclear test

Oct. 3: North Korea announces it will conduct a nuclear test.

Source: The Associated Press.