Lively Library Offers Libations

The shelves of one local library will soon be set aside to make room for drunken dancing.

The Chattanooga Library in Tennessee will soon go from restful refuge to hot clubbing destination, the Chattanoogan reported.

The event, called "ClubLib," is a fundraiser to improve the library's audio and video technology.

"ClubLib" will feature a sports bar, dance club, cybercafe and even back and neck massages.

Fowl Runs Afoul

A Virginia high school had some unusual new enrollments recently, when eight chickens were let loose into the student population.

The chickens were part of a senior prank that sent the school into "lock down mode," the Fincastle Herald reported.

The chickens were Rhode Island Reds, White Leghorns and Grey Plymouth Rocks, perfect matches to the school colors: red, white and gray.

An unknown individual may have taken a kick at a chicken, as one hen sustained a minor leg injury. Otherwise the fowl left the scene unscathed, and three students were punished for their roles in the incident.

Good Thing He Had a Backup

LEVANT, Maine (AP) — The bad news is that James Lee demolished his sport utility vehicle in a crash. The good news: It wasn't the SUV he'd just won in a contest.

Lee told police he wrecked his 2003 Lincoln Navigator on Wednesday when he lost control of it after being startled by a spider. The vehicle slammed into a tree.

Lee, 28, walked away with a bloody nose caused by the air bag.

It could've been worse. He wasn't driving his new Volvo XC90 because he hasn't yet taken delivery, according to Darling's Volvo in Bangor.

Last month, Lee was one of 11 people nationwide to win a new vehicle from McDonald's, the Bangor Daily News reported. After finishing a Big Mac extra value meal, he got the winning piece for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" game.

Labor Pains: A Universal Language

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Communicating with hand gestures and facial expressions, two police detectives and a crime scene photographer helped deliver a baby to a woman who cannot speak English.

Detectives Vincent Lopez and Dolores Beaver said they were investigating an armed robbery early Thursday when a passer-by told them there was a woman who might be in labor three blocks away.

The partners found the woman, a Hmong, on the steps of a daycare center.

The baby was breech and the woman, 27, was in pain, Beaver said. So she, Lopez and their photographer, John Heim, called the medical unit and got to work. The passer-by who first noticed the woman also stayed to help, they said.

"We told her 'You need to push' and made facial expressions and before you knew it, the baby was coming out," Beaver said.

By the time the medical unit came, all but the baby's head had made it out.

The baby, a boy, was fully born in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, Beaver said.

When the trio visited the new mother and son at the hospital, she smiled at them, they said.

A Hmong interpreter at the hospital told them the woman lived on the street. She was trying to get to her sister-in-law's to call for help but she was in such pain she had to stop, Beaver said.

The police department would not comment on the condition of the mother or the baby. It also would not release her name.

All three said the mother and her baby's life may have been in jeopardy if the passer-by hadn't gotten their attention. The trio, who spoke at a news conference Thursday morning, also said it was nice to be able to help.

"We see so much out there that's bad," Beaver said. "This was our chance to help and bring a life into this world."

Beware! No Mutating the Malay!

VKUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia plans to levy fines for incorrect use of its national language and will set up a specialized division to weed out offenders who mix Malay with English.

Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Rais Yatim said fines of up to $271 can be imposed on displays with any wrong or mutated form of Malay, the Star newspaper reported Thursday.

Fines will be imposed after a first warning, according to a report in the national news agency Bernama.

Most Malaysians speak Malay, also known as Bahasa Malaysia. English is widely spoken but a mutated form, known as "Manglish" — a mishmash of English, Malay and other local dialects — is commonly used in the Southeast Asian nation.

Critics have said Malaysia's decision to sideline English in favor of Malay is hurting its global competitiveness.

Compiled by's Hannah Sentenac.

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