Homicide Attack on Afghan Police Station Leaves One Dead

Two bombers blew themselves up in eastern Afghanistan on Friday, killing themselves and a policeman and wounding 17 other people, an official said.

The first homicide bomber tried to enter the main police compound in the eastern Khost province, said provincial police chief Mohammed Ayub.

The blast, in the city of Khost, wounded eight policemen and eight civilians including two children, Ayub said.

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The second suicide bomber killed himself and wounded a taxi driver after police stopped to search him at a checkpoint 10 miles southeast of Khost, Ayub said. No police were injured in the second blast.

The attacker was traveling in the taxi coming from the neighboring Pakistan, he said.

Resurgent Taliban militants stepped up their campaign of suicide bombings against Afghan and foreign troops in the country in 2006.

Afghanistan is going through its worst bout of violence since the U.S.-led invasion removed the Taliban regime from power five years ago.

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