Bomb Attack Kills One in Baghdad

A bomb attack killed one person and injured four others in northeastern Baghdad Friday, while a Kurdish lawmaker was kidnapped and later found dead.


Among those injured in the blast were two firefighters who had rushed to the scene of another bombing 10 minutes earlier, police Lt. Bilal Ali said. Nobody was injured in the first explosion, which set a power generator ablaze in Baghdad's Qahira district.

An increasingly common insurgent tactic for causing more casualties is setting off one bomb to draw in onlookers and rescue crews, then detonating a second device.

In other violence, Kurdish lawmaker Mohammed Rihda Mahmoud was kidnapped with his driver Thursday afternoon in the northeastern Baghdad neighborhood of Seleikh, said Firyad Rawndouzi, spokesman for the Kurdish bloc. Hours later, both bodies were found shot in the head and chest, Rawndouzi said.

"This is a cowardly act of terrorism committed by forces against democracy," Rawndouzi said.

Mahmoud's Jamat Islamia has four seats of the Kurdish bloc's 53 in parliament.

In a predominantly Shiite part of eastern Baghdad, police found the bodies of five men in their 30s, apparently victims of sectarian death squads.

All five had been shot, had their hands and feet bound and showed signs of torture, police Maj. Maher Mousa said.

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