Rowdy Mustang Takes Itself for a Joyride

This rowdy Mustang was ready to run free, no driver included.

Joe Garlock left his 1968 Mustang parked in his friend's driveway, with the engine running while he ventured inside, reported Pennsylvania's Patriot-News.

The adventurous Mustang then proceeded to reverse itself down the driveway and onto the highway, where it began circling in the middle of traffic.

The rowdy 'stang was finally stopped when a state police officer rammed it. The Mustang escaped with only minor injuries, while the trooper's vehicle had $3,000 worth of damage.

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Here's to Making a BIG Statement

Jean-Paul Gaultier made a rather hefty statement at Paris' Fashion Week, sending a size-20 model to strut her considerable assets down the catwalk.

The plus-size woman sashayed down the runway in a revealing burlesque-style corset and garter belt, the New York Post reported.

Gaultier pulled the heavy prank to protest Madrid's recent ban on skeletal models from its Fashion Week.

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Way to Break Your Moneymaker

BROWNING, Mont. (AP) — There was Elvis the Pelvis. Then there was the Flying Elvis who broke his pelvis during the grand opening of Glacier Peaks Casino.

Paul Moran is a member of The Flying Elvi, a 10-member skydiving team made up of Elvis

Presley impersonators hired to parachute into the parking lot at the casino's grand opening Friday.

Members of the troupe said the Las Vegas man apparently misjudged the landing and hit the ground at 50 mph.

"I talked to his family and they said he is doing well, but he did break his pelvis," said Gary Green, casino manager.

Super Sneaky Snake Stealer, Slips Away

ADELAIDE, Australia (AP) — A man held up a woman and two children at gunpoint before fleeing with a dozen snakes worth more than $74,535, police said.

The man demanded the 12 green tree snakes, which are not venomous, when he approached the door of the woman's home near the South Australian state capital, Adelaide, on Wednesday, state police said Thursday.

He then stuffed the snakes — measuring up to 31 inches long — into a duffel bag and bound the woman's ankles and the hands of two boys before fleeing the scene.

The snakes are valued at $6,708 each, police said.

Police were investigating the alleged theft, but no suspect had been arrested Thursday. The women and children were not identified.

Robin Hood(lum) Syndrome

HONOLULU (AP) — A boat refinisher wanted for a series of bank robberies dating back to last October said he was driven by "Robin Hood syndrome," or taking from the rich to give to the poor.

Following his arrest, a handcuffed but talkative Michael Rosario, 40, spoke Wednesday with news crews shortly after arriving at police department headquarters.

"I was going to turn myself in today after I see my face in the paper," Rosario said. "I was just checking in with my bosses first."

The arrest was made at Pacific Diversified Finishers Inc. after his boss, Jim Maynard, tipped police that Rosario was coming in to pick up his last paycheck.

Rosario neither confessed nor denied he was responsible for nine bank heists he is accused of committing, but he did say he thought he would get away with the robberies "'cause I had good disguises."

The serial robber was know from donning wigs and dressing up as a woman, an injured soldier and a hospital employee.

When asked how many banks he had robbed, Rosario replied, "I'm not going to say that."

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