FOX News Channel Turns 10

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Well, the FOX 10-year party was fun! I got to see Jennifer Griffin, Greg Palkot, Steve Harrigan, Steve Centanni, Laurie Dhue, Geraldo, Sean and Alan, Bill, Claudia Cowan, Shep, Janice Dean, John Gibson, etc. Many of the people who attended flew in from far corners of the earth and leave in a day or so. As you might imagine, we usually see each other only as we quickly pass each other covering stories. I know most of the correspondents from being on air with them, but they feel like old friends. FOX News is a very collegial place.

We really had fun celebrating the 10 years of FOX News on the air, but now the party is over and it's back to work! We do have a few road trips left to thank viewers. I regret we can't thank everyone in every city. We will be in Las Vegas (with Shep) at the end of October and I know some of the other shows are hitting other cities. We also have a special airing this weekend to talk a bit about the launch of FOX News Channel 10 years ago and how it has evolved to No. 1. It is a panel discussion — you will recognize the panel members.

One last thing: If I have time, I will post pictures I took from the party on the blog tomorrow — if not, on Monday.

If all goes as planned, I will be back in Washington, D.C. tonight, but up very early tomorrow for a "road trip" to work on a story and then back in D.C. in time for 10 p.m. ET live show. I write "if all goes as planned" since planning has been our short suit recently. We have been on the road so much that on more than one occasion I have had to ask the hotel clerk after our show (and at about midnight) for my room number. It is easy to forget a hotel room number when you are changing hotels every night.

Incidentally, on a recent trip, after our show and after midnight when we finally got back to our hotel, one of my colleagues could not get her hotel room door open. She went back to the front desk and complained to the hotel desk clerk that her hotel key card did not work on her hotel room door. She handed the hotel key card to the clerk to get it fixed or replaced. The clerk looked at the card and said, "This is not our hotel. This is the card for a hotel in London." Oops, the right hotel room card was deep in her bag.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Just watching your latest coverage of the horrible scene in Pennsylvania and the fact that the Amish came to the home of Charles Carl Roberts to say that they forgive. What an amazing example that they show which we only wish all humankind could follow. I have an enormous new respect for the Amish people. I, like probably so many, just thought that they were not capable of coming to terms with the new modern day world. Instead, they have surpassed us in something technology can not address: the heartfelt true words of "I forgive."
V. Hanson

E-mail No. 2

I wish Greta would stop saying, "We can't turn our schools into prisons." Would she rather they be turned into mortuaries? I as a parent would rather see my children in lockdown everyday than to see them in a casket.
Holly Couch

E-mail No. 3

I can't believe what I've heard from Mark Fuhrman about locking schools, workplaces, homes etc. What have we come to? The innocent, unarmed citizens must be locked up to be protected from those who have a legal right to carry firearms! Who is behind locked doors? Surely not the evil offenders in some of these cases.
I do believe in the right to bear arms and don't see that making guns illegal is the answer. But neither is locking up those of us who are not evil and choose not to carry guns.
Help, Greta! This is America. The Land of the Free! We are loosing our freedom quickly when I hear those like Mark Fuhrman talk of how to deal with these armed lunatics. It's scary!
Jean Ramsey
Sandwich, IL

E-mail No. 4

This is insane. I have a feeling the new husband is behind the daughter filing charges and if that's the case the parents had reason to worry about the marriage. Having said that, this is just silly they should charge the daughter for false charges on her parents. What a disrespectful bad daughter. They only wanted to talk. They didn't prove she was forced. It is her word against theirs. So this case is nothing but a waste of taxpayer dollars. The daughter should have to pay for all costs if she feels this strongly.
Mike Williams
Katy, TX

E-mail No. 5

I have the solution on how to get the money to hire security people and also put more locks on the doors of our schools to protect our children. The first thing the government will say is that we can't afford to do that.
But all we have to do is have all government officials to work for minimum wage and then we would have enough money.
Jo Ann Golis

E-mail No. 6

Hey Greta,
When I first saw Jeff Brown(e) on your show I thought to myself he is really handsome. So what's up with his hair, he is going through some phase or mid-life crisis? I haven't missed a night of "On the Record." Normally don't write to you, but last night (Wednesday) I just had to send you an e-mail regarding Jeff.
Keep up all your good work, and your husband must be a saint living with your schedule.
Best regards,
Susan Ball

ANSWER: Usually the e-mails are about my hair... ugh.

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