Britain OKs Muslim Cop's Refusal to Guard Israeli Embassy

More evidence that Europe is becoming "Eurabia" every day.

News out of London today that a London cop who is Muslim has been allowed to opt out of certain duties because he is a Muslim.

What duties? Things having to do with pigs, or some other sacrilege related to his religion? No, he is being allowed to refuse duty guarding the Israeli Embassy.

Now, there are some things one has to do if one has chosen a career as a police officer. A cop must enforce the law whether or not he or she believes in the law. Cops in this country are required to turn the key on the jailhouse door and let loose people they know are guilty because a judge has ordered it, or because they realize they cannot prove the charge.

Of course, there are cops who run roughshod over the law. We like to catch them and take their badge and gun.

But this is official policy now in London. A Muslim cop does not have to protect the Israeli Embassy. By extension, a Muslim cop would not have to interfere with someone robbing — or killing — a Jew.

The Muslim cop claims he objects to fulfilling his duty on "moral grounds."

What if a British citizen refused to pay the taxes which are used to pay that cop on moral grounds? Think the Brit taxpayer would get a judge to say that's OK? Probably not.

The way a secular society of laws works is that things like this don't happen. A cop is a cop. Not a Catholic cop for Catholic Laws, not a Jewish cop for Jewish laws, and not a Muslim cop for Muslim laws.

Britain has gone far down the "Eurabia" road. Canada has even flirted with allowing Sharia law zones to be set up for separate Muslim justice. Entire countries can make mistakes just like individuals and that's what we have here. Britain is making a mistake.

It's none of our business except as an example. Someday, somewhere in America someone is going to suggest that a Sharia law area should be carved out for Muslims.

No now. No then. No forever.

Don't let this happen here. It is the end.

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