Amish Shooting Aftermath and Foley Fallout

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Thank you for the hundreds and hundreds of e-mails regarding the Amish killings and the protest group. Thanks to Mike Gallagher, who broadcasts out of Dallas, they did not protest. Mike swapped an hour of his air time in exchange for them not showing up. He’s a great guy!

Here are some more of your comments:

E-mail No. 1

I think it is disrespectful of FOX News and you to make news from this story. Don't you understand, you gave this killer his 15 minutes of fame and by your non-stop coverage you are sending a message to others like him. I am from Pennsylvania and I am familiar with the Amish. These are very private people who do not like their pictures taken in any way because it is vain. You and the news channels are responsible for the continuation of school violence. The crackhead religious group would never even been a factor, except for the news coverage of this tragedy.

E-mail No. 2

I've always been impressed with them, and it personally gives me hope that there are people like this that exist. I was not one bit surprised that they opened their hearts to the family of the murderer. I would have been shocked had they not. I hope the Amish keep us in their prayers. We need them.

E-mail No. 3

I was wondering how the Amish families will pay the hospital bills for these children? Will they accept donations made to the respective hospitals?

Answer: People are sending donations to them to pay for hospital bills.

E-mail No. 4

I am "English" with an Amish and Mennonite background from Lancaster Co. FOX News and all the other media could do the Amish a great service and show respect for their beliefs if they let these people mourn in peace.

E-mail No. 5

Did you know that the Amish folks do NOT have health insurance? These folks are incurring large medical bills and the Amish folks do pull together to pay these bills immediately. This is an opportunity for all of us to support these folks. There is a bank in my area that has set up an Amish Relief Fund should this be something FOX News would support.

The Mark Foley story is also one that you are commenting on. Here are some interesting observations:

E-mail No. 6

If Foley’s behavior was common news among the pages, wasn’t it then common news among ALL politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike? If so, why then wasn’t it ALSO the responsibility of Democrats to see into the matter? If so, why then are they so concerned NOW…at election time? Why aren’t they also accountable for not doing something about Foley BEFORE THIS????

E-mail No. 7

If Congressman Foley's behavior was, as one of your guests put it, "the worst kept secret on Capitol Hill," then why are shrills like Nancy Pelosi screaming about it now, and didn't do so earlier? Call me cynical, but I think the indignation shown by Ms. Pelosi over this issue is false and is nothing more than another one of her cheap political games.

Please continue to let me know what you think about the stories we are covering.

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