Your Grrrs: Oct. 5, 2005

Here are just a few of your responses to Mike's last column compiled by FOX News intern Lasette Canady:

You never know who's reading the GRRR column!

Nick Kingsbury Responds to Mike: I am the CEO of Chronicle Solutions, the authors of netReplay and the company you mentioned -- Hi ! I very much enjoyed reading your article and I think the concerns you raise are understandable. We are focused on the responsible use of this kind of technology. We think there are three golden rules:

1. Devise policies and procedures that are appropriate to your situation.
2. Communicate these openly with your staff
3. Have effective monitoring in place

To elaborate, if you are in a regular commercial organization, a monitoring system should be used to investigate legitimate concerns (e.g. investigating loss of key data, concerns over an employee who's left under a cloud etc.), and occasional random checks, for example, quarterly to check for access to inappropriate Web sites. If you are in a high security environment, it may be appropriate to have checks daily on what people are doing. If staff know the rules and know how they will be enforced, that is fair. And it's not just to monitor staff, it's to protect them also; one of our customers found that an enterprising member of their IT staff was running a pornographic Web site on company servers. They shut the site down and installed netReplay to be able to monitor what was going on to protect staff from exposure to upsetting material in the future.

Finally, organizations should install monitoring systems, both to help investigate damaging issues and reduce losses, but also if you don’t enforce policies, and abuse becomes commonplace, then staff can argue that abuse is accepted practice. I have a blog if you are interested: I have talked about some of the issues we are seeing in the field and also there is a news release on how netReplay can be used to protect children.

Sean A. Writes: In your article “Grrr! The End of Privacy as We Know It” you state “…sadly, a necessary precaution in this day and age”. However, it is just for that reason that companies can start selling this software to ISPs, and the government. Soon, every Big Brother notion people can come up with will be implemented in the name of security. We cannot give up any liberty for security, or we simply get tyranny. Under no circumstances should any law, bill or action taken from the government or corporations conflict with the Constitution. I don’t see anywhere in the Constitution where it says “Freedom of Speech, unless it involves national security." Or I guess the new IV Amendment could say “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized, unless it involves national security or you are an unlawful combatant." Be vigilant, and defend your constitutionally protected right; no one else will do it for you.

Brenda from N.C. writes: I have a big grrrr on handicapped parking spaces! Why do non-handicapped people still insist on parking in handicapped spaces when they may have a handicapped sticker or a tag because of a family member that IS NOT present with them? I recently injured my leg and am on crutches. My work allows us to have a temporary handicapped parking pass to use while on crutches. One day, I parked in the only available handicapped space and on my way out to the car at the end of the day I noticed not ONE, not TWO but THREE individuals who were not handicapped parking in the handicapped space, get in their car and drive off. I did eventually ask one of the individuals and she said because it was more convenient and closer to the door! She said her mom is the one who is handicapped and they use that van for her mom. I really hope that karma does not come back to them and they themselves have a real reason to park in handicapped space one day! Thanks for letting me vent!!

Rick "Just 45 minutes from the school shooting" in Paoli, Pa., writes: My Grrr goes to those people who feel the need to validate themselves via another person’s tragedy. I live about 45 minutes from the sight of the horrific Amish school shooting. It is a tragedy, but I am not excusing myself from work or asking for attention because “I live just 45 minutes from the school shooting.” This is a horrible incident, but I get incensed by the people who try to coattail it by saying that they are so traumatized by the shock that they just can’t cope, even though they are not related to any one involved. Yes, a nation mourns and sheds tears, but we mourn and shed tears for THEM, and not for ourselves. Oh, and I know that the Amish are private, but I highly doubt that they will spend the rest of their lives on pills, at their therapist and on talk shows as a way to cope. They will cry, grieve, question things and then continue their very productive lives in the context of community and faith. We have a lot to learn!

Oran in Orlando responds to Lauran in Indiana (Your Grrrs: Oct. 3): As for your comment about the "supposed second-hand smoke death penalty" for us non-smokers, cancer aside, I am deathly allergic to tobacco and being forced to breathe your smoke can send me into anaphylactic shock. No smoker has the right to threaten my ability to breathe.

Shannon in Ohio writes: What? WHAT?? Former Rep. Foley now claims he was sexually molested by a clergyman. Is this supposed to be an excuse for his completely unacceptable and abhorrent actions during his tenure as an elected official? I'm assuming this is an educated man (I know, making assumptions is foolish) who has spent some time in self-contemplation. But now he's apparently an alcoholic and an adult victim of sexual abuse, so suddenly he's to be coddled and pitied? If he's such a wreck of a human being, how was he elected to office in the first place? Sorry, but throwing out these non-excuses -- alcoholism, alleged abuse -- at this point is nothing but a failed smokescreen. He apparently is a pervert. (Have you read the e-mails and IMs??) There are no excuses. Criminal charges are in order.

Shell in South Dakota writes: I have a Grrrr that has nothing to do with anything but common sense. Does anyone besides myself ever Grrr at a fast-food drive thru? You place your
order at the drive through for four people. You get to the window and pay. They give you your food and ATTEMPT to give you your drinks ONE AT A TIME!! Hello, you have seen me. I am in the car alone and I have two hands. And believe it or not, I am trying to drive! Would you be ever so kind to put the nice drinks in a CARRIER?? Hello? What are they thinking, I know it is one less step for them but jeez, come on people. Then they look at you because you have inconvenienced them. Oblivians. What is so hard about "need a carrier with the soda's lady?" Yep oblivians ... gotta love 'em.

Kevin from Tennessee writes: Mike, I think you have some of the smartest readers, not just because they can read, but because they can think for themselves and don’t need Uncle Sam to legislate the stupidity out of the them. But then, in light of our current congressional and presidential leaders, maybe we do need an Anti-Idiocy Amendment added to our law books. One that prevents us from eating McDonald's every day, then suing the Big Mac because we are overweight. One that keeps us from robbing convenience stores with beer boxes on our heads. One that prevents us from idolizing the very celebrities who have already broken most of the Straka Laws of Oblivionism. And most importantly, one that keeps us from watching the dumb people on the dumb reality shows. Sorry, have to run, my double quarter pounder is getting cold and "Flavor of Love" is coming on! Thanks for letting me rant!

Sam from Fort Rucker GRRRs: Oliver Stone ... Grrrr! You have joined the ranks of the Dixie Chicks, the Baldwin brothers and the rest of the Hollywood elitists who have made it a hobby to criticize everything about our government and its leadership. Not to mention, you have done so in such an admirable and respectable way, which was nothing more than mirroring the Dixie Chicks by throwing your insults our way from ... Spain. You have clearly shown that not only are you pathetic, but you are also unoriginal. S ... you feel that “terrorism is a manageable action” and that “it can be lived with”?? Have you lost your mind?? Didn’t you just make a movie about 9/11?? I can assure that the family members of the victims of 9/11 don’t agree with you at all. Maybe it’s just me, but, does Hollywood live in a perpetual fantasyland? How can these idiots survive with such a warped sense of reality?? The Global War on Terror (GWOT) isn’t a movie. There is no script. These people are not overpaid, less-than-talented actors who are trying to play a part. Their motivations are not driven by the box office, and there is no red carpet, glamorous premiere. They are real-life terrorists who prey on the fear of the innocent to make a religious/political statement. They torture people by the dozens every day in ways not even Hollywood can imitate. But, Mr. Stone, you feel that we can live with it. Maybe if you were to stop associating yourself with a bunch of surgically enhanced [idiots] who don’t know their left from right and actually read (maybe you don’t know how) or listen to how terrorism is affecting the world, you could actually form a genuine, substantiated opinion. You also mentioned how you “are ashamed of America.” I couldn’t help but notice that you happen to be on the other side of the Atlantic when you said that. That takes courage. You must be proud. Do yourself a favor, do us all a favor, better yet, do the United States a favor, and stay there. Don’t come back, and take your nimrod friends with you. You and your cohorts have repeatedly shown how paper-thin your patriotism actually is, and the only time you become vocal about it is when you are out of the country.

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