Stopping School Violence

Two more children died Tuesday morning of wounds from the shootings at an Amish schoolhouse, raising the death toll to five girls plus the gunman who apparently was spurred by a two-decades-old grudge.

The toll from the nation's third deadly school shooting in less than a week rose twice within a matter of hours Tuesday with the deaths of one girl at Christiana Hospital in Delaware and a 7-year-old girl at Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey.

Five additional girls were hospitalized.

The Bush administration on Monday called for a school violence summit to be held next week with education and law enforcement officials to discuss possible federal action to help communities prevent violence and deal with its aftermath. Read more.

If you were president, what — if anything — would you do to make our schools safer?

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"Here is the problem: We have a school shooting. The media covers it, and as a result of the media coverage, we have more shootings. So the solution is simple: No more media coverage of school shootings. Why is it more important to tell people of a school shooting than to not tell them and thereby prevent other incidents?" — Jim (Telluride, CO)

"I would lock every door in the building, both exterior and interior. In situations where there is more than one building in the school, I would have the doors on a timer to open between classes. Most doors are already equipped with locks, so it would be a simple matter of just locking them. Sure, kids would occasionally get locked out when they're late for class, but somebody on the inside could let them in. This isn't perfect, by any means. But, it would have prevented two out of the three school shootings this week." — Cindy

"It's not the president's responsibility to make the schools safer. It's the parents, principals, teachers, coaches, and friends that need to take the responsibility of making schools safer for everybody." — E.P.

"I would find a way to provide free mental health treatment to all Americans. These acts of violence cannot be stopped when a person is hell-bent on dying. Just look at the success rates of suicide bombers. You can't stop someone that is willing to die for a reason or cause." — Rick (Atlanta, GA)

"I would put prayer back in schools and not try to wipe out any reference to God or Christian principles. I would teach the 10 Commandments — 'do not kill' is one of them. It appears that no one is teaching our kids (or anyone) right from wrong or personal responsibilities and consequences. I firmly believe that only God can change the hearts of men and that is the only thing that will impact the safety of our schools and life in general. " — Gail (Peshtigo, WI)

"I would ban Ritalin and antidepressants. Many shooters who have committed these crimes were on such medications and were psychiatric cases." — J.R. (Los Angeles, CA)

"I would arm the teachers, not all of them, but a few who show maturity and demonstrate the willingness and the ability to handle a firearm. I would also lock all school buildings and use polycarbonate windows. Use solid classroom doors with bulletproof windows. I would regulate entry through a single doorway, and also stress and teach safety to the students. Make them aware that they must participate in their own safety. We have fire drills, why not have safety drills!" — George (Hammondsport, NY)

"Unfortunately, as we have all heard, we cannot legislate morality, but we can stop the violence in our schools with a zero-tolerance policy toward violence. We should have active police protection at strategic points in each school, and entrances, hallways, gyms, lunchrooms and most importantly — the parking areas — should be monitored by video. Catch them OUTSIDE the buildings in time to automatically lock down the facility." — A.R.

"I would make psychiatric care affordable and available to all who seek it. How many lives could we save if this were the case? The average working class American has no access to such services until after they commit a gruesome crime." — T.W. (Tulsa, OK)

"I don't believe we need more guns in schools. How about finding out and addressing what makes kids so angry that they feel they have to kill someone? Where are the conflict resolution classes? Who's stepping in when outcast kids are constantly being bullied and picked on? These are the problems that seem to be behind a lot of the shootings. Anger management should be a mandatory class from grades five and up." — L.S.

"I would definitely insist that there would be less media attention around the school shootings. The media coverage puts the idea out there for an already disturbed teen, or the psycho child molester, or whomever, to find an easy target." — Molly

"We cannot become a police state and restrict parents from visiting schools. There needs to be an education system in the schools to encourage students to report students who make threats and/or display guns. In our local school districts, police officers visit schools and give lectures to students, etc. Education is the answer, not guns!" — Don (Bountiful, UT)

"How about banning weapons, and making it illegal to own or carry guns? These poor Amish children were raised in a totally non-violent atmosphere, and then were murdered in cold blood by a man who was allowed to own a gun. It makes no sense." — Cathy

"All schools should be on permanent lock down. The only way to enter, or leave the school should be through one door with an armed guard and a metal detector. There should be a silent alarm to notify police if some one made it pass the guard." — Dallas, TX

"All schools regardless of whether private or public should have their doors locked from the outside at all times. In order for anyone to enter, they should have to remain outside and show identification." — Gisella (Leesbur, VA)

"School violence is out of control. In most circumstances, when someone has decided to commit an act of violence, there is little if anything that can be done to prevent this. Hence, the issue is more one of damage control. Arming security officers would not only be a deterrent, but would also save lives. It is time to for schools and educators to take more proactive and aggressive steps to combat this, and start putting guns in the hands of the good guys." — Lincoln Spokane WA

"It will never happen in this country, but if I were president, guns would be locked in public armories, so the public could resist government oppression but not have easy access to weapons. It's pretty hard to kill people without guns, and this would give the police the time and advantage they need to deal with the deranged in our society." — Bob

"One response to 9/11 was to permit pilots who went through a special program and received training to carry a weapon in the cockpit. Seems we could do the same for our children in the school. If we trust principals and teachers with our kids education and future, shouldn't we give them the means to defend them from nutcases? " — Dan

"I believe there needs to be one police officer on every campus in the U.S. We also do not need to allow parents just to walk into our hallways until they have been cleared to do so by the front office. I think all doors should be locked to outsiders with only the main entrance unlocked. All schools also need to have an emergency lock-down procedure in place." — Karen (Amarillo, TX)

"I would ban guns; no civilian should be allowed to own one." — Andrew

"We need to secure all of our schools, strictly controlling all entrances and having a full-time, armed, law enforcement presence on the premises. The Gun Free Zone is worthless." — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

"Never arm teachers — more guns in schools can't be the answer. You can't outlaw violent games, because they'll always be on the black market. The only answer is to really start getting serious about gun control. Smaller communities need parent volunteers, who have had police background checks run on them, to be school monitors." — Lee (Millersberg, IN)

"To reduce violence in schools, I would prohibit the sale to minors of music and video games that promote and incite violence." — Rob (Portland, OR)

"The issue of school safety is a local issue not a federal one. It should be a state governor, not the president, who responds to this dilemma. At the local level, city mayors and local representatives should take actions deemed appropriate as well as determine how to fund such actions." — Ron

"I'd allow teachers permits to carry concealed weapons in schools, and end the 1994 Gun Free School Zones fiasco. If we want to end school shootings, prospective shooters need to know somebody is likely to be shooting back." — Robert

"Ban the violence on TV and video games! Our children are exposed to violence day and night. If you listen to even small children playing on the playground you will hear pretend gun sounds and see action of violence toward each other." — J.B.

"I have no problem putting metal detectors and extra security in the schools, including strict entrance policies for non-school personnel to obtain admittance to the facility. There should be dress codes for the school faculty and students should have IDs. If this sounds like being too strict, how about an outline of the alternative — the type of outline made by tape when there is a dead body? I say go for the safety first." — Lynda

"I cannot condone fighting violence with more violence. I do believe measures need to be taken to beef up security at our schools and to try to ensure that we do everything possible to stop them but arming everyone is not the answer here." — Becky

"If I were president, I would immediately institute stringent gun control laws. The right to bear arms, while guaranteed by the Constitution, is no longer necessary in modern society. Civilians should not be allowed to own firearms unless there are special circumstances and they undergo mandatory psychiatric evaluations every two years. Our children deserve better, more secure lives. It is pathetic that any loser with a firearm can make himself infamous in seconds." — Charlie

"Schools need immunity from groups like the ACLU so that they can adapt a localized curriculum to meet the society needs of local communities. I would let the schools get back to teaching the local values, and yes, that means putting God back in the school. I do not think this will eliminate crime, but I think it will reduce crime." — Dustin

"I would remove the restrictions on firearms in schools. The Second Amendment still applies in schools and all law-abiding citizens have a right to keep and bear arms, no matter where they happen to be. The only tactic that will work to stop these criminals is making sure that someone will be there who is armed and can stop the criminal from carrying out his heinous acts." — Anthony (Ohio)

"I would repeal all Gun Free Zone policies in schools, as they clearly do not stop criminals. I would encourage all teachers, administrators, and parent volunteers to carry concealed weapons on school grounds. I would advertise the fact that people on every campus are armed, and that any criminal coming to a school intending to do evil will be shot. As long as criminals think there is a safe environment for them, they will seek out helpless victims." — Tony

"Arm the teachers, or at least allow them to be armed if properly trained. Then, a would-be attacker would know he would not be able to ply his trade safely and easily. We did this with airline pilots, and even armored car drivers are armed to protect money. The federal creation of Gun Free Zones in and around schools effectively ensured that our children, and the teachers charged with their care, are defenseless." — Andrew (Greenville, SC)