Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

We've made it to Wednesday, and thanks to you the response has been overwhelming! The intent of The Daily Doocy is to feature some of the hundreds of submissions from viewers who shared with me their personal secrets to a happy marriage. This is in conjunction with the upcoming publication of my book, "The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook," which is a funny owner's manual for families. The book arrives in bookstores October 17, but you can pre-order it autographed at www.happyhandbook.com.

My book is about the funny parts of married life, but the writers of these stories aren't looking for laughs (except the natural born jokers like myself) but most are giving honest answers to my request to "Fill in the blank: The secret to a happy marriage is...."

Here are five of their real life Mr. and Mrs. Happy stories:

E-mail No. 1

The secret of our happy marriage was to move 10,000 miles away from EVERYONE we ever new. We made new friends, forced our children to spend every holiday and vacation with us, (which they still do even though they are in college in the states,) and managed to equally irritate both sides of the family. Now our families are equally unhappy with both of us. Sometimes life just works out great!
Cindy and Rod Jahner

E-mail No. 2

My husband and I have been married 23 years this coming December 31st, 2006. We married when I was 19 and he was 23. We knew each other 3 months before we married! You just know when it's RIGHT. We have two wonderful children that are now 20 and 14.
At the current time we have been separated by active duty military orders since March 13, 2006. My husband has been in Djibouti, Africa since April 06, not to return until April 07. Talk about keeping it happy — how can you do that when your 10,000 miles apart?
Here's how we do it now: Right now he makes a point to call about everyday, of course there are times he can't :(. He also sends cards and letters and we of course use the greatest invention: e-mail. I send him stuff from home that he likes at least once a month, that is so important for those serving away from their families, its makes them feel like they belong and get a little piece of home.
After my husband has been in Djibouti for 6 months he is allowed 15 days leave, so we are meeting in Madrid, Spain (how romantic is this? I can't wait to hold his hand) in October — this way we can be together before a year goes by. You always need to work out any avenue to spending time together!
I believe that the secret to a happy marriage is to let everyday be a new day (don't hold grudges), communicate and of course keep the love alive by doing things together even though it may be tough at times you gotta work hard at it or it wont work at all.
Thank You,
Kathy Sanders
Chillicothe, OH

E-mail No. 3

Dear Mr. Doocy,
There are so many aspects to having a happy marriage it is difficult to choose just one. My husband and I have been married nearly 10 years now and I am thinking the secret to our happy marriage is... having two remotes for the TV. Yep, he has one that he can select the programs we watch and I have one so that I can turn the volume up and down and mute the commercials I don't want to hear. So we BOTH have control!
Dede Moffitt
Lander, WY

E-mail No. 4

We have been married for 36 years, the last 11 of which I have been in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic. We have still been happy because of my husband's laughter. He is constantly making funny remarks and loves to tickle me. That makes both of us laugh! A laugh a day keeps sadness away! On a serious note Faith in Jesus Christ keeps us going with a look towards an eternal union.
Yvonne & Mike Mortensen
Naturita, CO

E-mail No. 5

Dear Steve,
After thirty-six wonderful, well mostly, of marriage, my husband and I have often been asked for the secret to our happy marriage. I can tell you in just three words (and they are not I LOVE YOU): THINK REPLACEMENT VALUE!
Lynn and Doug Levi
Baltimore, MD

Thanks everybody for your candor and wonderful stories from real viewers, thanks for your humor and honesty. If you'd like to share your secrets of a happy marriage, and they might wind up being featured here on The Daily Doocy or on the "FOX & Friends" program, please go to "The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook" official Web site for more information: www.happyhandbook.com.

Thanks for stopping by the Daily Doocy, and we'll see you tomorrow with five more real life stories of married life!

Steve Doocy
Mr. Happy