Thou Shalt Not Kill

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

It's Day Two of the Daily Doocy, thanks for dropping by this space. The intent of the Daily Doocy is to feature some of the hundreds of submissions from viewers who shared with me their personal secrets to a happy marriage. This is in conjunction with the upcoming publication of my book, "The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook," which is a funny owner's manual for families. The book arrives in bookstores October 17, but you can pre-order it autographed at

My book is about the funny parts of married life, but the writers of these stories aren't looking for laughs (okay some are) but most are giving honest answers to my request to "Fill in the blank: The secret to a happy marriage is..."

Here are five stories:

E-mail No. 1

I think the secret to a happy marriage is tolerance :-)
My husband and I have been happily married for 36 years, and he has always been fast and witty with his mouth (probably why I fell in love with him!)
But on our 25th anniversary, our church called us up front of the congregation and sang "Happy Anniversary to you". Then our pastor asked my husband what he thought about being married for 25 years. My husband said, "It's been five of the happiest years of my life." Everyone knows Vern well and had a good laugh. Then they asked me for my thoughts on being married 25 years. I said the reason we've made it for 25 years is because I've always lived by the rule, "Thou shalt not kill."
I love him to death! :-)
Vern and Rose Laning
Bismarck, ND

E-mail No. 2

The secret to our happy marriage is the devotion to one another that we share. Eleven years ago I was killed for some seven minutes in an accident, which left me severely disabled and dependent on my wife. She has been there every minute since then assisting in my recovery. I was unable to walk, write, or read due to total amnesia. I am now completing my college education again, and will graduate with a degree in history to support her. She has truly been a soldier.
We are, as you may extrapolate, devoted to one another. We made VOWS! The secret to a HAPPY marriage is simply this: keep the marriage you vowed to keep every day. Think of the things you promised to do.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene and Genie Webber
Wetumpka, AL

E-mail No. 3

As the man, the husband, I have always remembered that I am the head of the household. Also I remember that she, the woman, the wife, is the neck. What a wonderful neck she is. Without her support and direction, I'd be lost. I started courting her 25 years ago and I still do. We did get married sometime between the beginning and now but I still court her. For those who don't know what courting is, I'm chasing her. Her name is Debra.
Glen Rice

E-mail No. 4

Dear Steve,
The secret to our happy marriage is the way my husband suddenly sings to me in his falsetto voice, the way he puts the dishes away after I've cooked a delicious dinner (and he's had a long, stressful day at work), the way he remembers my birthday and our anniversary with flowers, the way he surprises me with tickets to dinner and a play, the way my husband does the laundry MOST of the TIME (WOW!), the way he comes up behind me while I'm cooking and hugs me affectionately, the way he helps me with my photography business so that I can be successful, but most of all the secret to our happy marriage is the way my husband prays for me every morning when we get together to read a devotional and worship God together. He never misses a morning, he looks forward to it. And so do I.
Julie and Larry Legg
Kansas City, MO

E-mail No. 5

Laughter has always been the bedrock of our relationship. From our first date (a blind one), when we were supposed to play tennis. I did not own a racquet, so Chris was going to bring the two he owned. Of course, he showed up with only one. Just in case I was ugly, he could leave to get the second one and not return. Like I couldn't see through that one! Thirty-four years later, we still chuckle every time we play tennis.
His marriage proposal was another smooth move. We were riding in his car when he said "for 10 cents, I'd marry you." I handed him a dime and the rest is history!
We have been working together for the last ten years. Chris is a catastrophe insurance adjuster for a large company. Our work takes us all over the U.S. While working in Southern California, we would have lunch several times a week at a local cafe. Many of our unmarried colleagues also ate there, so the wait staff was familiar with all of us. The morning of our final day in the area, we had breakfast at this cafe. While Chris got up to use the restroom, our waitress struck up a conversation with me. When I mentioned that Chris was my husband, she quickly looked around at her fellow waitresses and said loudly "He's her HUSBAND!" I asked her what she had thought about us and she sheepishly said "We thought you were good FRIENDS."
I laughed and answered, "I know what you thought (affair) and thank you. We will celebrate our 25th anniversary in a few months." It's nice to know that our love for each other is still obvious to others.
Our co-workers have actually called us the happiest married couple in America. We don't think we deserve that moniker, but accept it as a compliment. With all the negative feelings about marriage nowadays, we hope that our story is proof that love does endure.
Chris and Lyn Rasmussen
Tampa, FL

Wonderful stories from real viewers, thanks for your humor and honesty. If you'd like to share your secrets of a happy marriage, and they might wind up being featured here on the Daily Doocy or on the "FOX & Friends" program, please go to "The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook" official Web site for more information:

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