'Sexy P.I.' Hired to Test Men's Loyalty

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," October 2, 2006, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: That is a clip from "Sex and the City" of Samantha spying on her man. Women do that in real life, too, you know. And some of them hire others to do it. Most women usually wouldn't want a young sexy lady throwing themselves at their man, but some suspicious ones actually pay our next guest to seduce their lovers as a test to see if they would cheat on them.

Sandra Hope makes a profession out of tempting unavailable men to test their loyalty. She started her business, Mate Check P.I., 12 years ago.

So what is it you actually do, Sandra?

SANDRA HOPE, MATE CHECK P.I.: Well, hi, John. Well, I do a decoy, a covert decoy. And that's where I will wire up a decoy, including myself, with wigs, a tattoo, piercings, whatever is necessary, and just confront a man, ask him for restaurant directions, ask him, you know, my car is broken down or anything like that and see if he would pick up on the decoy.

GIBSON: In other words, you go to try to pick him up?

HOPE: Yes.

GIBSON: And now, in advance do you learn things — I understand that you actually learn things about the guy that you're checking up on — his favorite restaurants and his favorite sports, whatever, so you can...

HOPE: Right, it makes it a lot easier to start a conversation if I know some things about him already. So, I can ask if he likes a steak, or a favorite steak restaurant or Chinese food. Or I can ask, you know, to start a conversation to get a bit to know him or maybe his favorite game, baseball game, football or so forth.

GIBSON: Now, how far do you go, Sandra, to prove that he's unfaithful?

HOPE: Well, there's no sex or touching or anything like that involved. And I go as far as the client wants me to. So if the client is just satisfied with finding out if he will give me a phone number, maybe she doesn't know that he had that cell phone number, a separate cell phone. Or if she wants me to — if he asks me out for lunch or dinner and then maybe the second step she wants to see if he would really take me to that dinner, really meet there at the dinner. And then maybe to a hotel, where we'll actually just go to the front room, get a key. And then I'm out of there.

GIBSON: You disappear?

HOPE: I disappear, absolutely.

GIBSON: And he doesn't know where you've gone?

HOPE: No, and it's really quite interesting to see your face, or a guy's face when they're sitting there with either dinner ordered and looking around to find out where you're at, or standing there with the hotel key thinking they're going to get lucky and you're gone.

GIBSON: So how many women have availed themselves of this service?

HOPE: It's very popular. You know, sometimes before you get married you want to make sure that he'll say "I don't" before you say you do. And before you plan the wedding, have the wedding, start having children, and then end up in a divorce. Or if you're just married and you want to find out, if I'm going out of town, or you're going to the gym, or say you have business meetings and you are approached by a woman, would you say you're married?

GIBSON: So, have you come to the conclusion, through your business, that men are just barking dogs and that any one of them can be had?

HOPE: Well, let me put it this way. The people who call me, my clients, they already have a reason for suspicion. There's always something going along in their relationship and besides, even the ones that are going to get married, the fiancés, maybe they already have something they suspect. You know, I just don't go out in the public and I don't just pick someone at random and see if they would cheat. But, of course, the client has to want the service and call me and at that time it's usually needed.

GIBSON: Sandra Hope, Mate Check P.I., thanks very much.

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