Are Our Kids Safe at School?

It was a sad day as we discussed the aftermath of the Amish school shooting and we opened with the passing of yet another victim. So many of our callers and e-mailers felt uneasy about sending their kids to school today, and why not? Three attacks in one week; any parent would be unnerved. But I think the news has made each school re-address their security situation, and in reality, our kids are safer then ever (we hope).

Keep voting on your favorite "Friends" moment from The Vault. We featured great moments from our Winter Olympics coverage today. It should be a fun anniversary show on Friday.

Steve's book, “Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook," is not only a great read, but also provides a great source of entertainment for our show. We get to hear and read more and more of your relationship stories on air each day.

Did you see Gretchen glowing today? Me too! It’s because her Minnesota Twins are division winners and get to avoid the Yanks in round one of the playoffs. I sense they will both survive to the second round.

What a thrill it was to meet the littlest horse in the world, Thumbelina. Cute animal and totally unaware how small he is -- also loved Gretchen's knees.

On Wednesday, we will have Bob Woodward and I promise you'll see questions from a totally new perspective!

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