Griffs Notes 10/2/06

Yuck. That is the only way to describe the disgusting and inappropriate emails and instant messages between former Rep. Mark Foley and teenage male Congressional pages. And if you haven’t actually read any the transcripts of the exchanges between the pages and the sexual predator – then don’t bother because it is abhorrent. Even Hollywood writers would be challenged to conjure up filth as vile as Foley’s language.

What’s even more horrifying is that Foley was the co-chairman of the Congressional Caucus for Missing and Exploited Children. The FBI is investigating the emails and messages to determine what specific laws Foley broke. And hopefully now he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – a law that he helped write!

The GOP House Leadership appears to be scrambling to get their story straight as to “who know what and when” while the American voters take a hard look at whether anyone could and should have come forward earlier. Will the Foley scandal cost the Republicans control of the House of Representatives?

The Congressional Page Program was begun in 1820 and offers bright young high school students the opportunity and privilege of learning about how our laws are made by participating as gophers in the process. When they are sent here to Washington, DC, their parents should be confident that their sons and daughters are not going to become objects of twisted sexual desire. They should also be guaranteed that scumbags like Foley who become “over friendly” with under-age boys are never tolerated – even in the most pathetic incidences of cronyism.

If Speaker Hastert or any member of his leadership knew of Foley’s sick behavior and did not act upon it, then I say throw the bums out!

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