After Initial Refusal, Annan Submits Financial Records to U.N.

Secretary-General Kofi Annan has submitted a form disclosing his financial records to the U.N. Ethics Office after initially refusing to do so, the United Nations said Monday.

Annan decided to fill out the new U.N. financial disclosure form earlier in the month, days after his refusal to do so became public.

"The Secretary-General has filed," U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Monday. He said Annan's completed forms were delivered on Sept. 22 to the United Nations' Ethics Office.

The U.N. unveiled new rules last year that tightened staff financial disclosure requirements in effect since 1999. Annan is not required to fill out the form because he is technically not a staff member.

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U.N. officials have said Annan had initially rejected advice from his inner circle to fill out the form. They argued that doing so would send a good signal as the U.N. seeks to counter allegations that it is closed to public scrutiny.

The U.N.'s Ethics Office is among the reforms Annan has secured, as well as a new Human Rights Council and a Peacebuilding Commission.

The form will not be made public, though a broad outline of Annan's finances was revealed in the course of a probe into allegations of corruption and mismanagement in the U.N. oil-for-food program. A financial disclosure form he filled out as part of that probe revealed no "payments or transactions that appear suspicious or improper."

That investigation, which did say how much Annan makes, said the U.N. chief gets most of his money via his salary and rental income. He lives within his means, contributes money to charity and to support his extended family, it said.