Around the House: Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Help change the world one light bulb at a time. Home Depot's Mike Cartozzo has the lowdown on energy-efficient light bulbs.

Lighting accounts for 20 percent of the average home’s electric bill. By replacing the five most frequently used lights in your home with energy-efficient bulbs, you can save $60 a year in energy costs and up to $600 over the lifetime of the bulbs! If every U.S. household did this, we would save $6.5 billion each year in energy costs. A typical household spends up to $1,900 annually on energy bills.

N:vision is a new line of light bulbs available at The Home Depot that use 75 percent less energy than the standard bulb. They last up to 13 times longer than standard light bulbs. They are available in 3-watt to 42-watt, which is equivalent to 15-watt to 150-watt in incandescent lamps. All n:vision bulbs last 10,000 hours and come with a nine-year warranty. While they do cost more than standard light bulbs, they make up for it in their lifespan.

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