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Did you see Thursday night's show? I was freezing during the entire show... I am surprised my teeth did not chatter in the microphone!

My colleague Shepard Smith loves it cold (he has the temp so low it almost snows in his studio in NYC), but he does his two shows during daylight hours when it is so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. He can't stand how hot it gets for him during his show. And me? I am the kind who freezes when the temps are in 60s and I have the show after sundown with the wind. Last night the heat was getting to him during his 7 p.m. ET show, then the sun went down, the cold set in with a vengeance, the wind kicked up and then it was my turn at 10 p.m.!

Yes, of course I could have dressed warmer, but remember: When I left Washington on Wednesday, I thought I was only going for the day to Ohio. I ended up that night in Dallas and Atlanta last night. (My husband had to help get me clothes for the show in Atlanta — long story.) I was so unprepared for this road trip that my car is still in the hourly parking at the airport in Washington for what I thought would be a 3-hour trip... (Gilligan? Do you get the reference?)

Other than the cold, last night was a show I enjoyed doing in Atlanta. I got to see in person Jeff Brown and Jim Hammer and, of course, Beth Holloway Twitty and her husband Jug. Jug was not on the show but off to the side, so you did not get to see him. I sure wish Beth and Jug (and Dave and Robin) could get answers to the question what happened to Natalee.

Prior to the show, I went to a reception for some friends of FOX so that we could thank them in person for supporting FNC all these years. I did not get to stay long because I had just flown in from Dallas (the flight was late) and I had to get ready for the show. The reception was adjacent to our set, so it was easy to stop in… and frankly, I was starving, so I was delighted to see and have "real food." Our road diet is not the best — yesterday prior to arriving at the reception it had been coffee in the airport and two bags of chips on the plane. Yes, I know this is bad... and also not a good example to others.

Now for a reason I wanted to kick myself last night (and I am waiting for the e-mails on this one.) We have a new feature on the show — at the end of the show we show a video called "The FOX Blast." It usually is tame — e.g. a Victorian house being moved on a barge in Tampa or a pet doing something really weird, etc. — but a bit odd. Last night, because I was on the road, I was not able to see "The FOX Blast," but assumed it was the same genre — odd and funny.

So, when I tossed to the tape at the end of the show I said something to suggest the viewer was about to see something funny. What happened? I tossed, the tape rolled and I saw it and was horrified: The first thing I saw was a woman clerk in a story getting hit with a bottle or something by a robber caught on a surveillance tape. The second was a guy getting violently slammed with a chair at some meeting. And there was more shown along the same line. I did not think most viewers would think it funny video, but rather showing some very violent sick people. I tried to recover from my toss to the tape by what I said when I came out of it (now I have forgotten what I said.)

Bottom line, I learned a big lesson last night: If I am on the road and can't see the tape before the show, I must make sure I speak to the person who put it together to find out what is on it. I am curious whether you saw this and what you think. I know what I think. I also want to know what you think about showing this "FOX Blast" at the end of the show (it is under a minute of tape.)

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Dear Greta,
I believe District Attorney, Jeannine Pirro is a victim of political mischief. I do not think personal conversations should be leaked to the press by political opponents.
Ms. Pirro's personal life is just that; "PERSONAL". No one's personal life should be exposed and scrutinized because it may harm her children and bring additional pain and suffering to their family. Marriage is a sacred bond and union between two people that never should be discussed in public. I wish her luck in her run for New York, Attorney general. If Ms. Pirro was running in Texas, she would get my vote in a New York minute.
Peter Cornwell
Austin, TX

E-mail No. 2

Okay Greta,
I know you have a "great job," but get some rest. "Anna Nicole Simpson?" I had to laugh!

ANSWER: Yes, I made that mistake on air and yes, I could use some rest. While I want to kick myself when I made that mistake, I consoled myself with the fact that I could have done worse and I have done worse. You have a good ear... you caught me!

E-mail No. 3

SO glad you're having Beth on tonight's show. Please let her know I am thinking of her and will continue to keep Natalee and her in my prayers.
Thank you.

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