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Check your answers to the news quiz below — correct answers are in red, and incorrect answers are in gray.

Question 1: In comments to air Sunday night on CBS television's "60 Minutes," journalist Bob Woodward's new book shows a bleak outlook on the war in Iraq for 2007. What is Woodward most famous for?

A. His role as the 42nd commander in chief
B. His reporting on the Watergate scandal helped bring down the Nixon administration
C. His role as the Secretary of State, serving in the Nixon and Ford administrations
D. His reporting on the September 11 terrorist attacks

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Question 2: On Sunday, former President Bill Clinton accused "FOX News Sunday" host Chris Wallace of carrying out "a conservative hit job" on him during an interview in which Wallace asked Clinton about what?

A. His wife Hillary's possible 2008 presidential campaign
B. His efforts to capture Usama bin Laden
C. His Global Initiative project
D. His relationship with Monica Lewinsky

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Question 3: On Tuesday, 2,500 trout were found dead at a Fish and Game Department hatchery in New Hampshire after a clogged train blocked the flow of oxygen to the pool and suffocated the fish. What caused the deaths?

A. a frog
B. a muskrat
C. a sock

D. a teddy bear

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Question 4: On Monday, a marine scientist said Winter, a mutilated bottlenose dolphin, will be getting a prosthetic tail. A fisherman found her tangled in the buoy line of a crab trap in Indian River Lagoon near Cape Canaveral, FL. The first dolphin in the world to have a prosthesis was in what country?

A. Thailand
B. Vietnam
C. China

D. Japan

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Question 5: On Wednesday, Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens dismissed reports that he tried to commit suicide, saying he took extra painkillers for a hand injury and suffered an allergic reaction to the medicine. While Owens has made his mark in the NFL as one of history's greatest receivers, his impact on the league hasn't always been on a positive note. Which of these outlandish stunts are true?

A. In November 2004, after scoring a touchdown, Owens mocked Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis by performing the middle linebacker's trademark celebration dance.
B. During an interview with ESPN's Graham Bensinger on November 3, 2005, Owens took shots at the Eagles franchise for not publicly recognizing his 100th touchdown catch
C. In a 2004 interview with Playboy magazine, Owens hinted that ex-teammate Jeff Garcia was gay, a claim he later recanted.

D. All of the above

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Question 6: On Thursday, Colorado police identified the gunman who took six girls hostage — killing one before turning the gun on himself — in a classroom. The incident evoked memories of the 1999 Columbine High School attack, where two students killed how many people before taking their own lives?

A. 1
B. 3
C. 13
D. 130

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Question 7: On Thursday, the Dow Jones industrial average briefly reached a milestone in Wall Street's recovery from several years of corporate upheaval, economic recession and the impact of terrorism, trading above its record high close of 11,722.98 set back on what date?

A. Jan. 14, 2001
B. Jan. 14, 2000
C. Jan. 14, 2004
D. Jan. 14, 2002

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Question 8: On Wednesday, former Enron Chief Financial Officer Andrew Fastow was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in the fallen energy company's bankruptcy. The collapse of Enron, once the nation's seventh-largest company, wiped out thousands of jobs, more than $60 billion in market value and more than $2 billion in pension plans. When did the implosion happen?

A. December 1999
B. December 2000

C. December 2001
D. December 2002

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Question 9: On Wednesday, 100 employees in a Wisconsin cheese company won a Powerball jackpot worth $208.6 million. What did they attribute their luck to?

A. Rubbing a genie lamp
B. Seeing a shooting star
C. Wishing on a four-leaf clover
D. Rubbing the belly of a Buddha

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Question 10: On Wednesday, research findings, derived using data collected from illegal shark-fin traders, detailed in the October issue of the journal Ecology Letters, says that 73 million sharks are killed each year. The report says the sharks are killed because:

A. Parts are used for shark-fin soup
B. There are too many in the waters
C. They have untreatable illnesses
D. People want to mount them on their walls

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Bonus: On Wednesday, New York State Attorney General candidate Jeanine Pirro announced she was being investigated by the FBI for allegedly plotting to secretly record her husband to find out if he was having another affair. Which FNC host had her exclusive cable interview?

A. Greta Van Susteren
B. Shepard Smith

C. Bill O'Reilly
D. Martha MacCallum

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