Election Season Antics Already Under Way

Many of you are doing other things, and you may not have noticed it is election season.

Why so early you say? Don't I have until mid-October to start worrying about this?

Well, you can wait, but the players aren't. And I don't mean just the people actually running for office.

Look at today:

Jimmy Carter says Bush has made us into an international disgrace. Hillary Clinton says Bush is responsible for incalculable damage done to the country. Oliver Stone — who let him out of his cage? — says he is ashamed of his country. And the Washington Post's Bob Woodward has popped a new book out 40 days before the election — "State of Denial" — which takes Bush apart over the war.

Does anybody seriously think that book is not timed to influence this election?

What are the themes? Bush is lying to the American people.

Have we heard that before? The White House is riven with dissention over the war. In other words, Bush and company are coming apart at the seams, probably hitting the bottle again.

And the best one of all: Bush is secretly talking to Kissinger.

You see? Once Kissinger is in the game, it's the Vietnam War all over again.

These are themes that have been floating around in Democrat circles for months and months, and now Bob Woodward is validating them in a book that will get huge media attention right before the election.

Oh John, it's just electioneering. Soon the Bushies will be at it, too, so what?

Well, the so what is it's early and we already have this level of intensity, a pretty high level of vilification, I would say.

And not just vilifying an individual, George Bush, but a whole set of ideas. The war in Iraq is bad, the War on Terror is bad, battling terrorists has made us bad, tax cuts are bad and the economy is bad. We're a disgrace, an embarrassment, and we ought to be ashamed.

More than a month till actual election day.

It's going to get worse.

That's My Word.

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