'Sex and the City' Star Cynthia Nixon Discusses Same-Sex Relationship

Actress Cynthia Nixon -- famous for playing the cynical lawyer on "Sex and the City" -- spoke for the first time about her well-publicized relationship with a woman after dumping the father of her children.

The thespian-turned-lesbian told New York magazine the switch was no big deal -- she just fell out of love with her high-school sweetheart Danny Mozes and started to pursue education union leader, Christine Marinoni.

"There wasn't a struggle, there wasn't an attempt to suppress. I met this woman, I fell in love with her, and I am a public figure," she said in the interview hitting newsstands Monday.

Nixon recalled the media frenzy when her same-sex union was uncovered in September 2004.

"My girlfriend had English press on her parents' lawn ... They almost put me on the cover of People magazine," said Nixon, adding that she had a strategy to stop the attention.

"I can't remember in what context they tell people this, but if someone is chasing you, stop running. And then they'll stop chasing you."

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