Colonels' Corner: Did We Not Learn Anything?

September 21, 2006

Did we not learn anything when the Clinton Administration stood by, watched and allowed, and was therefore complicit in, the murder of over 800,000 Tutsis - and by murdered, I mean cleaved with a machete by Hutus? 800,000 human beings in just a few short weeks?

Former President Clinton has apologized and his Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, has also said how terrible she has felt about our inaction. Too little of a sorry! Was it that we were doing Bosnia and had just screwed up Somalia, and we just did not care that a bunch of blacks in Africa were killing each other? How about that for a race card!

So here we are now, more something, more compassionate, less internally crabbier, less corrupt, less... dare I say this?


So anyone care to explain Darfur to me?

As I am writing this, Darfur, a Godforsaken piece of desert in North Africa, is now making the Rwanda massacres seem like a tragic, murderous block party. The current administration knows the ugly facts on the ground; thousands and thousands of men, women and children have been, and are continuing to be murdered for the crime of being different. Did I mention thousands are being murdered right in front of our satellites and television-viewing eyes - and we see Sudanese government officials ordering the killing, and, of course blocking any help from even the United Nations? And that we are doing.... Squat?

Those doing the killing are the usual slugs, killers, and bug-ridden, under-achieving jerks. They are no match for real soldiers or a country that is interested in stopping this tragedy. So a small, but powerful force from almost any country in the world can go into Darfur and stop this genocide.

In response, what did the world do? It went to the lowest common denominator, the African Union, whatever the heck that is. It was not a competent military force that had any affect at all on the killing.

So, now what? Now what, is it that we, the greatest country on the planet, is going to have to force, or lead a force into this hell and stop this now.

This is the right thing to do, or we'll face the same apologetic, do-nothing politicians that we saw during the Clinton years. Only this time, the only thing that will change will be the political affiliation.

We should be ashamed. I wonder if we are?