Grrr! America Hating

Apparently, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez isn't the only America-hater attacking some of our most famous citizens with words.

Irish columnist Lou Slips of The Dubliner is a coward of the utmost degree. He not only attacks visiting famous Americans, but he attacks innocent women, too — one of whom is not even American!


In Blarney Stone country for the Ryder Cup golf tournament, Slips took the occasion to write a scathing column in which he called Tiger Woods' wife — the gorgeous and classy Elin Nordegren — "filth."

The magazine reportedly also ran bogus pornographic photos of Mrs. Woods — photos that are so obviously fake — not to mention have been floating around cyberspace for years — as proof of his ill-advised theories.

"Most American golfers are married to women who cannot keep their clothes on in public," Slips wrote in a column titled: "Ryder Cup Filth for Dublin?"

According to the UK's Daily Mail, Woods was "appalled" by the attack.

While America-bashing is apparently in fashion, particularly this week at the United Nations, where delegates from around the world applauded a speech in which our president was referred to as "the devil" by Chavez, Slips tries to hide his disdain for America by attacking the wives of golfers.


At least Chavez had the cojones to state head-on what he believed — no matter how wrong he is.

If Slips' cowardly methods weren't so dispicable, they'd be laughable.

Perhaps if Disney World decides to open a park in Ireland he can write an article citing pornographic photos involving the theme park's characters.

I'm sure an Internet search would find Mickey and Minnie in various poses of ill repute.

Or, if the New York Yankees come to Dublin, Slips can maybe write an attack column on Derek Jeter because he once dated Jessica Alba, who appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine once, neglecting to actually read through his search results to discover that Alba never actually posed nude for the magazine and sued the glossy for an unauthorized cover shot.

Meanwhile, the woman whom Slips so boldly identified as Mrs. Woods looks more like a stripper from Rick's Cabaret than the Swedish beauty.

But Nordegren wasn't the only wife targeted by the magazine — which, incidentally, was banned from the hotel in which our golfers were staying.

The piece also went on to describe Chad Campbell's wife, Amy, as a "large-chested singer who entered 'American Idol' but didn't get anywhere," and insinuated that Jim Furyk's wife married him for his money.

Slips ended the article with "Isn't there a law against people like this?"

Indeed, there is, Mr. Slips. It's called libel, and I'm sure that if this is the type of column you write on a regular basis, you and your bosses at The Dubliner are well aware of it.

And while the Grrr! column has taken its fair share of shots at the rich and powerful, we do try to make sure what we're Grrring is actually true! It's called ethics.

Then again, as one Grrr! reader put it, with a name like "Loose Lips."


Ooops, It's "Prodigal"

Speaking of accuracy, in my last column I misnamed Science Fiction author Marc Giller's newest book. The correct title is "Prodigal," not Prodigy, as I called it. This is the book where Giller names a character Straka, after your humble Grrr! guy.

Find out if I die.

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