Relative to the Rescue!

Thank goodness the kidnapped baby in Missouri has been found alive. But how tragic it is when you look at the alleged circumstances? Sources say the woman who kidnapped the child had miscarried her own baby earlier that day. One can only imagine the agony she was feeling as she drove by the Woods house and saw the “It’s a Girl” sign. Still, nothing can excuse her stabbing and nearly killing the other new mother and then kidnapping the little girl. Fortunately, a relative noticed the baby looked like the missing child and the family notified authorities. Too often recently, we have seen family members and friends break the law themselves to protect criminals and are not prosecuted for their roles.

Jack in Houston emailed: “It’s in my U.S. Passport that swearing allegiance to a foreign country can be the basis for forfeiting your US citizenship.”

Chris in Elkhart simply emailed: “The Mexican pledge? We’re done!”

They’re reflecting on a story we told you about from the Velasco Elementary School in Texas. At the school assembly on Friday, several parents read the Pledge of Allegiance to the Mexican flag. It was part of the school’s commemorating the day Mexico won independence from Spain. Students did not recite the pledge but were given small Mexican flags to hold. The principal responded to the outrage saying: “If I had it to do all over again, we would revamp it. There’s no way that we would repeat it.”

Your elected representatives have just nine days left to finish work on illegal immigration and figure out what tools our government should be able to use to track and interrogate suspected terrorists. Some speculate nothing will happen. House members will get credit for passing a bill but since it hasn’t gone to conference nothing would actually change. It would be “focused on” when Congress comes back after the elections. Of course, then some people may be lame ducks and that will be blamed for the inaction. Haven’t we seen this scenario played out before? Maybe I should be more optimistic.

I know many of you have been emailing about stain removers. I found one that actually took old, dry white paint off my brown leather jacket. I put the info on Have a great day.


Here's the latest breaking showbiz news from across the pond:

Dame Helen Mirren may have picked up an Emmy award for her portrayal of the Queen in this wonderful new movie, but she is no diva. I spotted the star in a London tube station and then taking the bus which was pictured in all the press. She told me at the Savoy Hotel last week: "I always use the tube and subway when in New York. I like to observe people and how they react, that is what actors do, we do that all the time, yet people can’t quite really believe it.”

With flop pop career going now where here in the U.K. it comes as no shock to learn that Paris Hilton is not as big as she thinks in the acting world either. My spies reveal that the blond star is now looking towards the London stage after her latest movie “Bottoms Up” is going straight to DVD. Now that would be fun seeing Paris on stage. Come on Paris, if you dare, were waiting.

Justin Timberlake is upsetting his many U.K. fans despite landing the number one slot on the charts with his comeback album “Future Sex.” He pulled out of a great cat show in the case of Parkinson and let down Sir Elton John. Reports reveal that the singer/actor claimed he was ill, but then also popped up with actress Cameron Diaz, a laugher-free zone if ever I met one, trust me.

Lots in the press about the stars that have Botox, Of course Teri Hatcher was featured as was Jane Fonda. Me personally, never had it, but I can’t see what is so wrong with it. It’s always the girls that spike these stars with revelations but let’s face it, they also want them to be thin, glam and eternally young. Now what is so wrong with that? Though Teri looks like she could scare moss of a rock — is that the only work she has had done because she looks scary both on TV and in the flesh? Trust me!

Where you lead, we follow. Sharon Osbourne, along with her duller-than-dull family, are still minor stars here in the U.K. despite all being talent-free. Now Sharon’s chat show over here is tanking in the ratings and she claims that she would not have the likes of Tom Cruise on the show. She commented, “I think he is a nutter and I would call him one.” Funny thing is, apart from her family she has no A-list stars at all and the axe is looming closer on a daily basis.

How in love is Nicole Kidman with singer Keith Urban? Lots! She told me of her plans to tour with him next year and clearing her diary of work: “Why not, it looks like fun and for once I can really do what I please. I am not giving up acting, but I do think that I need some adventure in my life and I love my husband so much, I really do. Head over heels as they say!” Calm down dear!

Bravo to the regal Fergie, Sarah Duchess of York. She too has blasted former tray carrier Paul Burrell and now leach of Princess Diana “a traitor.” Flame-haired Fergie, who likes to keep her own counsel, reveals: “I can’t believe it really, but one has to live with all that forever.” Burrell has been given such a rough ride here on T.V. too with people amazed at his fiction in his latest book. On the upside he reveals that he had to write the book as it was a two-book deal and that was what is required.

Hey! The Fonz of "Happy Days" fame is coming to England to star in Panto this Christmas. Let me explain. Pantomime is a great English tradition where men dress as women and vice versa, don’t ask. Anyway, the Fonz will star as Captain Hook in Wimbledon at the local theater there. "Dallas" star Patrick Duffy of the shower scene is also joining in the tradition over at nearby Croydon. What next, Pam Anderson as a good fairy?

Great news I have just been asked to co-host a national radio station for a morning show alongside the daughter of the wonderful former Prime Minister Lady Thatcher. Daughter Carol is now a media star after appearing on various reality T.V. shows and winning them. I am told also on the day that I am hosting the mother will be a guest. How regal does it get? Quick mention to Fergie from the Black-Eyed Peas, now starting her solo career. If that is the face nature gave her, then I would be taking it back. She swore to me it’s all natural but take another close look. Can it really be bad make-up?

Diva alert! I am meeting up with singing legend Liza Minnelli next week. She is popping into town to have a go at plugging a DVD release that she made of a show almost 30 years ago, “Liza with a Z.” We have been told not to mention that dreaded D word – Guest that is. Poor Liza, she has suffered enough but let me tell you fans still love her madly over here!

Are we out of love with The Hoff? David Hasselhoff is over. He has been plugging his tell-all book, “Making Waves,” claiming that he never really fancied Pam Anderson. But seriously, the guy is a fruit cake! He hands out signed pictures of himself to “save time.” From what? The joke though is starting to wear thin. He told me: “I have Botox injections so that I keep young. I have fans that I look younger than and that is a big deal to me. Honestly I am loved.” Then of course we removed the mirror he was looking into. Would love to know the true story.

Is Mel B, ex of Spice Girls, really going swell with forgotten movie star Eddie Murphy? Her P.R. team here are hiking it up, but were not buying it.

Still laughing at the news that finally Whitney Houston has decided to ditch so-called “bad boy” Bobby Brown. How long does it take, I wonder, before it sinks in? Well let me tell you girls her label is sticking by her but Bobby plans to film some of his new reality T.V. show over here in the U.K. How excited are we?

Caught up with one-time angel face Leo Di Caprio. What a star and gent! Here promoting his new movie. He did tell me that he had no plans to play the Hollywood game as regards to being a sex symbol: “I leave that arena now thankfully to the likes of George Clooney. I just want to act and the fame thing comes along with it really, but I am grateful fans still find me attractive.”

Madonna’s best pal – at one time at least — has almost hit skid row with the publication of his tell-all book. Madge might want a peak if she can’t sleep, but the one time “My Best Friend’s Wedding star” has turned the air blue on various radio shows with his “shocking revelations.“ But having read the book and endured the long-faced presence, save your money and grab a new book on a real star.

David Beckham, the England footballer, has a new tomb out and is coming your way later in the year with plans for an all-out assault to crack the U.S. market. Check him out on the Web. Girls you’re going to love him.

Finally, having dinner with George Michael later this week. His new tour starts and I plan to get all the gossip. After I pass it onto E.D. then you guys will share our secrets too.

Until next week have a great one!
Neil Sean

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