Brian & The Judge Radio Team

Prior to joining Fox News Radio as a Senior Producer, Jeff Hillery spent six years as program director at legendary Dallas , Texas news/talk station KLIF. He also programmed KHOW/Denver and WWDB-FM/Philadelphia; he was the Operations Manager of a four-station cluster—including news/talk KSRO--in Santa Rosa , California . Hillery got his start in radio as a writer at all-news KFWB/ Los Angeles and as a writer/producer for the syndicated Earth News Radio show. On air, he was a morning news anchor at such stations as KHJ/ Los Angeles and KSDO/San Diego. On the TV side, Hillery worked in Los Angeles as a segment producer for Connie Chung’s weekly magazine show “Two On The Town” and as a writer/sports producer at KTLA.

Sean McGrane is an Associate Producer for Brian and The Judge. His principal tasks include booking guests, screening phone calls, and picking up Brian’s dry cleaning. A 2003 graduate of Georgetown University , Sean began his career in journalism as a producer with The McLaughlin Group television program. From there, he joined FOX News as an Associate Producer for The Tony Snow Show. Originally hailing from Cleveland , Ohio , Sean spends his free time playing tennis, watching sports, and working out to John Basedow’s Fitness Made Simple tapes.

Joey Salvia is officially the Technical Producer for Brian and the Judge. But he likes to think of himself as 'the one man house band!" Joey's experience as a professional singer-songwriter/musician coupled with his years of service as a radio producer/engineer enables him to take care of all the technical operations for the show while adding topical songs,jingles,and bits for just a little extra kick to the show! Salvia has spent the better part of his life performing his brand of music with his band, The Montgomery Cliffs in clubs and concert halls across the country. Whether he's singing an original tune about " Gitmo Bay " or parading North Korea dictator, Kim Jong Il, Joey always has fun and loves having the best of both worlds being in front and behind the scenes. Joey is also a big film buff, loves to travel, and was born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y. He looks forward to your suggestions and comments, so feel free to email him anytime!