Real Dead Body an Unwelcome Extra on 'CSI' Set

There's such a thing as too much reality TV — and we're not talking about "Survivor" here.

Just ask the cast and crew of "CSI: N.Y." These pseudo-sleuths got a little more reality than they bargained for when an actual mummified body was found in the very same building where production was under way in Los Angeles, People magazine reports.

According to a source close to the show, the stiff was legit. It was found on the fifth floor of the building — just two floors below where the actors were dealing with the fictional demise of a (thankfully) much less convincing corpse.

But, like any good morbid mystery, not everyone was convinced by the creepy find. One source told the Defamer that the gruesome discovery was nothing more than a PR stunt for the show.

But yet another who claimed to be a resident of the building in question vouched for the gory story.

"I found out last night during a gathering of tenants on the roof that a body of a man living on the 5th floor had been found yesterday. The body had been there for 6 weeks, and the rumored cause is suicide.

"The body of the tenant's chihuahua dog was also found, apparently killed by the tenant. The 5th floor smells like someone flooded the hallways with disinfectant … so I am very skeptical that this was a publicity stunt pulled by 'CSI:NY', " the source told the Defamer.

Getting Hitched? To the Side of This Tree, Maybe ...

Everyone's heard of the old ball and chain, but at one Michigan office, soon-to-be-newlyweds are faced with the old Saran Wrap and giant tree instead.

Following tradition, Scott Slee was handcuffed to an office chair and bound to a tree with plastic wrap, mummy-style, outside his place of work because he was about to tie the knot, WZZM-TV reports.

"As soon as someone gets engaged — the Thursday or Friday before they get married, they usually get tied to a chair or chained and shackled or something," Slee said. "I was blessed with nice weather, so I get to sit out here by the tree."

According to Slee, it's up to the bride to come rescue the groom from his compromising position. Unfortunately for him, his better half was on the road and wouldn't be available for heroics.

Slee said that since his betrothed wouldn't be making an appearance, his co-workers promised to free him after 30 minutes or so. Here's to hoping he wasn't holding his breath for that one …

Thanks to Out There reader Shannon O.

Doodie Sleuths Get to the Bottom of the Puppy Poopy Problem

VIENNA, Austria (AP) — Organizers of a campaign trying to clear Vienna's streets of dog droppings are urging residents to record how many droppings they see in the space of five minutes and report the figure as part of an impromptu census.

A group that wants the droppings cleaned up said it would compile the figures and present them to city officials on Monday as part of its stepped-up effort to pressure the Austrian capital to deal with the problem.

In May, activists collected 157,000 signatures on a petition demanding that the city launch some kind of cleanup program and toughen penalties for dog owners who don't clean up after their pets.

But organizers said they were losing patience.

"At first, they said it would begin in the summer. Then it was the autumn," Petra Jens, a spokeswoman for the cleanup campaign, told Austrian television.

Jens said the information provided by residents would help determine what parts of Vienna are most soiled by dogs and provide an overview of just how many droppings are out there on any given day.

And Now This From the 'Your-Mom-Begs-to-Differ' Dept.:

NEW YORK (New York Post) — A controversial study conducted by males and certain to infuriate females says men are smarter than women.

The study, conducted by two Canadian psychologists, concludes that men's IQs are almost 4 points higher than women's.

One of the researchers, John Philippe Rushton — who created a furor by suggesting intelligence is influenced by race — says the finding could explain why there are so few top women executives.

He claims in the journal Intelligence that the "glass ceiling" is probably due to inferior intelligence — not discrimination or lack of opportunity.

Rushton and colleague Douglas Jackson at the University of Western Ontario analyzed SAT scores of 100,000 male and female students and concluded that the average IQ of the male teens was 3.63 points higher.

For a century, it has been generally believed that men and women have equal IQs.

Compiled by's Taylor Timmins.

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