A New Look for FOXNews.com

If you're a regular visitor to FOXNews.com, you may be wondering . . .

What's this?

This is the new FOXNews.com — completely redesigned to give you all the news you expect from the Web site of America's leading cable news network — in a totally new, clean and crisp format.

Your time is precious. You want to find what you're looking for, and you want to find it fast.

Our new design makes our site quicker to navigate, and our content easier to view.

We've also altered our production process so that we can deliver breaking news and the latest headlines faster than ever.

Our story pages have a new look. Our free video player is more user friendly. And we're giving you more and better tools to personalize your content. Choose your interests, decide what you want to know most, and you'll find it on FOXNews.com.

Some highlights:

Expanded News — We've created numerous special sections, including the You Decide 2006 and Celebrity Center, where you'll find everything you want to know about the subjects that interest you most. All these sections are listed in the new navigation bar to the left of every section page and story.

A redesigned home page that enables us to get the latest news to the top of the Web site more quickly, and also lets us present feature stories you'll find "Only On Fox."

A navigation bar across the top of every page that gives you easy and immediate access to all sections of the Web site.

Video Content — In addition to offering much more video, original clips and live streams, we're giving you the tools to create custom playlists and e-mail your favorite clips to your friends.

BuzzTracker — A new tool that enables you to filter through thousands of conversations, news articles and analyses in over 5,000 politically focused blogs.

MyNews — A customizable news page that gives you full control over where your headlines come from and how they're organized.

MyWeather — Do you need your umbrella today? You can customize the FOXNews.com home page to track the weather in any city or town. MyWeather also offers expanded access to weather maps and satellite images.

Search by Google — Our search engine is now powered by Google, the world's best search engine. It's fast and easy to use, and it's here.

A Most-Popular Stories feature that lets you know what other FOXNews.com readers are viewing and e-mailing most.

As always, our mission is to bring you fair and balanced news, direct from America's Newsroom.

Keep watching — because over the coming months we'll continue to refine our presentation and add more features to the site. In the meantime, we welcome your comments. E-mail us at newlook@foxnews.com.

Bert Solivan, General Manager

Steve Bromberg, Executive Editor