Griffs Notes 9/18/06

Warning: Criticizing Islam could be dangerous to your health, cause bodily harm by inciting raving mad lunatics or igniting widespread rioting in Muslim countries. This message brought to you by Islam – the religion of Peace!

That is not a serious statement and I regret in advance if I have offended anyone in the Muslim faith. I do not seek to offend anyone. But the point remains – many Muslims around the world are reacting so angrily to the Pope’s quoting of a 14th Century Medieval text that it is becoming difficult for westerners to see Islam as anything other than a parody of itself.

When Pope Benedict XVI quoted a Byzantine Emperor and invoked Mohammed’s name, his intention was apparently to illustrate the argument against “spreading the faith through violence.”

Unfortunately, Al Qaeda and its radical Islamic cohorts reacted by posting website messages in an attempt to escalate their holy war against “the infidels.” In doing so, they vowed to “smash the cross and spill the wine” of Christianity. The group is also suggesting that the only way out of this impending doom is “conversion to Islam.” Something our FOX News crew in Gaza recently experienced.

The Arab street is afire with burning Papal effigies and signs like “Pope Go To Hell.” Churches were burned and desecrated in Palestinian areas. A nun was gunned down in cold blood by Islamic sympathizers in Somalia. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei accused the Pope’s remarks as a “latest link” in a “US-Zionist conspiracy.” And a British Muslim activist has called for the Pope’s execution.

So let’s open a discussion about those who seek to commit heinous acts of terror and destruction in the name of any religion. But let’s not shoot the messenger for delivering the much-needed message.

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