Fall Fashion: Celeb Stylist Tells How to Get the Look

FOXNews.com interviewed Jennifer Rade, wardrobe stylist and costume designer for Margaret Maldonado Agency in Los Angeles, about this year's fall fashion trends. Rade worked on Angelina Jolie's St. John's ad campaign and has styled Paris Hilton.

Q. What brought '60s style back into the fashion forefront?

A. Everything that goes around comes around again. It's a natural progression from bohemian chic. The '60s had some fabulous style icons like Jane Birkin, Twiggy and Catherine Deneuve. Those women had a romantic, playful elegance that today's women can pull from, while still keeping things modern and fresh.

Q. How come '80s style is still going strong?

A. There were elements of the '80s that were great. The key is not to do all '80s at the same time. Now it's '80s mixed with a modern edge and better proportions. The '80s also had some fabulously stylish women from Chrissie Hynde and Pat Benatar to Princess Di, Diane Von Furstenburg ... it's a long list. The '80s rocked!

Q. What is with the gloves we are seeing this year? Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are just a few of the stars sporting gloves with their outfits.

A. Gloves are a part of the whole retro '80s look, from Madonna to Cindy Lauper, etc. They can be sexy or tough, and they are an easy accessory.

Q. What from last season is totally out this year and why?

A. Anything too embellished because it's tacky.

Q. If someone could only afford five new things this fall, what should they buy to look en vogue?

A. Here's my list:

1. A nice belted coat
2. Patent leather shoe or bag
3. Hot boots
4. Menswear-inspired pants
5. Anything metallic

Q. We are seeing the resurrection of jumpers and ankle boots. Could we expect to see stirrup pants next year?

A. I hope not. I won't be wearing them! But anything is possible.