Money Matters

Money, money, money: Some people have got to have it, some people really need it. If you're concerned about your money and how you're going to have enough for retirement, then join us for "FOX & Friends Weekend."

On Saturday, Barbara Goodman of SmartMoney tells us how to make our money last forever. Does that mean we can pass the money down to our children? Yes indeed! So we'll talk about how you can help your children learn the value of managing money with Neale Godfrey, author of "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees."

While you're watching us on Saturday and Sunday, you may be sitting down for big weekend family breakfast. Nothing like a big pancake breakfast to get you started. At least that what I thought until hearing from our fitness king, David Kirsch. He weighs in (no pun intended) on the big breakfast theory.

And, as long as we're thinking about food, how about strawberries, as in "Strawberry Fields Forever." Yoko Ono gives us a "Ticket to Ride" to the Beatles and her husband, John Lennon. Yoko shares her story with our own Bill McCuddy.

So, gather around the TV, grab the remote and joins for another great edition of "FOX & Friends Weekend." Glad to have you join us.

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