Griffs Notes 9/15/06

Free the Dog.

In 2003, Bounty Hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman did what government officials failed to do – he captured a serial rapist on the run in Mexico and brought him back to face justice.

Now, those same officials that could not trap the Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster themselves have arrested Chapman at his home in Honolulu yesterday. Dog and two of his TV reality show associates – his son, Leland and friend Tim Chapman - are facing extradition to Mexico to face charges for skipping out on bail there.

The Chapman team had been arrested by local police because “bounty hunting” is illegal in Mexico and the “proper procedures” had not been followed when Luster was handed over to US custody instead of Mexican custody.

Never mind for the moment that you are thinking to yourself – “this is nuts?” – because I am getting to that in a moment.

The Lipstick Loser is doing 124 years in prison for his heinous crimes. Yet neither the US Government nor the Mexican Government had been able to apprehend the fugitive who was sipping Pina Coladas poolside in Puerto Vallarta for all we know. So one would think a certain degree of gratitude was in order?

Wrong. After speaking with US Marshals spokesperson Nikki Credic, this arrest was carried out as the result of “a formal request by the Mexican Government” facilitated through the State Department to the Department of Justice and signed by a US District Court in Hawaii.

Okay. Then let’s do this – send Chapman back to Mexico to face trumped up charges of kidnapping… in line behind the 12 million illegal Mexicans that came here last year.