Around the House: Innovative Outdoor Products

Home Depot's Mike Cartozzo wants you to take better care of your yard with innovative power lawn and garden equipment:

• Ryobi Backpack Blower — $199
Has an advanced start system and pistol grip variable speed throttle
Comfortable, lightweight backpack support

• Ryobi Bas and Electric Cultivator — $199
Holds up to 13 pounds of sand so the unit digs deeper, remains stable, without bouncing
Ergonomic handlebars with cushion grip for added user comfort- excellent for mixing & tilling soil

• Honda Blade Break Clutch With Cruise Control — $649
Uses four cutting surfaces to reduce clippings for better mulching
The engine can run even when the mower is idle, no more stopping and restarting every time something is in your way
Doesn't require attachments or tools to mulch, bag or discharge clippings — it regulates how much is bagged or mulched

• Cub Cadet Sweeper Chipper Mower — $477
Reduces 10 bags of mulch into just one
An all-in-one lawn care system that quickly chips, shreds and vacuums

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