What Is This?

Welcome to MyNews from FOXNews.com…Your Personalized News Source.

MyNews is your personal gateway into news tailored to YOU. By choosing which topics and sources interest you most, the MyNews page brings you only the news that's relevant to your interests.

MyNews lets you control where your headlines come from and how they are organized in a single customizable page.

Changing the Layout

You can increase and decrease the number of headlines for any topic group

Easily grab and move topic groups. Just grab the topic group bar with your mouse and reposition the group on the page!

Want to see a full page of headlines and summaries just for a topic group? Just click on “See More” link within each topic for a deeper dive.

Choosing Topics and Sources

MyNews lets you choose topics and sources that are most important to you. Want to create a group of headlines for Food & Wine, Skateboarding, or Victorian Architecture? It's easy. Create as many groups as you want and then fill them with sources from our searchable catalog of hundreds of thousands of sources. We cover top-tier publications to niche sites and blogs. Just select “Create Group” and start searching and adding new sources.

To get started, MyNews gives you several default groups with headline sources already chosen. The service lets you remove any headline groups, and you can restore them over time if you change your mind.

Search Thousands of Headline Sources

Our full collection of news and specialty sources is incredibly comprehensive! Search our catalog by keywords to find sources on whatever topics interest you most.

Once you find search results for sources that interest you, just click the “Add” link to add it to any of your topic groups. A few clicks will have your personalized home page brimming with the latest headlines.

Adding RSS Feeds

Find a source but want to put it in a new topic group? MyNews lets you create a NEW destination group as you are adding the source.

Have a few RSS feeds you'd like to add? Just give us the URL and we'll add any RSS feed to the topic group of your choosing. You'll immediately have access to headlines from any RSS source you add.