Time to Rewrite the Rules of Engagement

There's lots of talk about the Taliban gathered for a funeral. They were spotted by one of our Predator drones, but CIA commanders felt they could not fire on a funeral.

Lt. Col Bill Cowan, a retired Marine and FOX News military analyst, confirmed that is the CIA policy: We don't shoot at Taliban gathered for funerals.

Funny. The Taliban shoot at their enemies at funerals, at least according to an Associated Press report from September 12 — two days ago — the same day the picture of the Taliban fighters gathered at a funeral was published.

The AP says, in a further assault on the embattled Afghan government, a suicide bomber killed six people at the funeral of a provincial governor who was assassinated by the Taliban.

So, the Taliban kills an Afghan governor and then targets the assassinated governor's funeral. A thousand people had gathered at this funeral and a Taliban suicide bomber went right into the middle of it and blew himself up.

So if the Taliban do it to the Afghans on our side, what exactly is the problem with us attacking Taliban at their funerals?

Obviously, this is a policy that needs to be reviewed.

Judge Napolitano told me yesterday — and he's said many times on his own radio program — that there is no law preventing our shooting at this Taliban funeral gathering. It's a policy instituted for some reason that has nothing to do with international law or the law of war.

The Predator spotted 190 Taliban who may be suicide bombers in the future.

Let's save them the trouble and bomb them first.

That's My Word.

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