American Voters Want Border Solution

In today's Washington Times, Republican member of Congress Peter King of New York says provocatively, but accurately, that the Republican elites are out of touch with the country on immigration.

The congressman said: "I've never seen such a disconnect between the American people and the elite."

By the elite, he means the president, the White House and the Republican Senate. And I say he's right because I have seen the same thing he has.

In my e-mail and among the callers to my radio program, I hear the same things King hears, and I have come to the same conclusion: The American voters want something done about the border. Period.

Yes, illegals inside the country are a major concern. Yes, there is a disconnect between most Americans and the U.S. Senate and the White House on making illegals legal or letting some people in or keeping some people out. But those are all secondary issues to border security.

The Republicans in Congress have announced no immigration bill before the election. That means the Senate can't agree with the House. But House members aren't giving up the issue and continue to pound it: There's no excuse for not securing the border.

You can quibble about everything else, but if the border is open, illegals are in, and so are terrorists, and most Americans want to know: What part of keeping terrorists out don't you understand?

It's true that more money goes to the Border Patrol and more agents are catching more illegals. Great.

But most Americans can see with their own eyes that the border is still open and there is no amount of "Yeah, but..." from politicians that can convince them it is OK.

The U.S. Senate and the White House would do themselves a big favor if they both reduced the immigration issue to one tiny sentence and let that carry them in the fall: Close the border now.

It's that simple. All they have to do is say it and follow through. The rest of immigration can come later.

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