Zawahiri and Bin Laden at It Again

Zawahiri and bin Laden are at it again.

Released in time for 9/11 airing, a new Zawahiri videotape contains an explicit threat against the United States. He said: "The days are pregnant and giving birth to new events."

New events. That can't be good. We saw an attack on our embassy in Syria today, but that can't be it. It's too small.

Suffice it to say they certainly would like to attack us again here and do great damage and kill many people. Just like dogs foaming at the mouth, they have the taste of blood.

So when you're thinking about those Bush-Cheney anti-terror methods — listening to phone calls, water-boarding the people who planned 9/11 — remember Zawahiri's tape. He isn't kidding. This isn't an issue of being nice and they'll be nice back.

As for the criticism today of President Bush saying, once again, that the war in Iraq and the 9/11-born War on Terror are the same thing, look at another interesting bit of Zawahiri's latest tape.

Zawahiri addresses the Kurds in northern Iraq. "I appeal to my brothers in Islam, the Kurds, to renounce these calls which support America and Israel," he said.

Now what's interesting about that is the northern part of Iraq where the Kurds are semi-autonomous is the one place where Al Qaeda-style anti-American attacks just don't have any traction.

The Kurds are happy with the U.S. In fact, Saddam Hussein throwing a fit in court today in the second phase of his trial, this for the murder of Iraqi Kurds.

Do we see the Kurds blowing up Americans in Al Qaeda-style jihad? No, because they get it. America made their freedom possible. Before America, the Kurds were the target of state-sponsored terror and murder in Iraq.

Now murder and terror in Iraq are Al Qaeda sponsored.

Zawahiri can appeal till his beard falls off. They're not going to listen and they're not going to join in.

May the wisdom of the Kurds visit the rest of Iraq, as they say, God willing.

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