The 9/11 Movie and the Torture Allegations

Many "Factor" viewers have pointed out that few Democrats had any problems with the distortions in Michael Moore's propaganda film or the outrageous TV movie about the Reagans, which CBS ultimately declined to air. But some on the left are now outraged over distortions in ABC's upcoming movie about 9/11.

That is called partisanship.

But since you can't justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior, fair minded Americans should realize that if a film uses real people like Madeline Albright, for example, an actor plays her, then there is a responsibility to treat those real people honestly. So I applaud ABC if it edits out any fictional words attributed to real people, no matter who they are.

Now I'm not going to watch the movie, because I lived 9/11. I'm still living it. And I don't need Hollywood to tell me about it. I don't object to the movie if it's honest, but it's not for me.

I do, however, really object to real life people putting us all in danger. And that's what's going on over this torture issue.

The editorial director of, Dick Meyer, writes: "'I've said to people we don't torture. And we don't.' That's what President Bush told Katie Couric yesterday. The president's statement here is beyond doublespeak and above spin. It's untrue. We've been lied to and we are still being lied to by the president."

Meyer fails to provide evidence of this charge. What's he talking about? Is keeping people awake for long periods of time torture? Has the USA gouged anybody's eyes out?

Meyer would not appear on "The Factor" to explain. Thus, I can only conclude that he is an irresponsible partisan who should not be running any responsible news organization's website. We'll have more on this story, coming up.

Now ironically, The Wall Street Journal answered Meyer today, even though its editorial writers hadn't seen his inflammatory column.

The Journal puts forth: "The demagogues alleging senseless 'torture' at 'secret' overseas prisons have now gotten a proper replay. It appears a substantial number of plots were foiled because of the CIA interrogation program. They included attacks not only in the U.S. but on targets such as a U.S. Marine camp in [Africa] and the U.S. consulate in Karachi [Pakistan]. Mr. Bush said that information from the [interrogation] program played a role in the arrest of 'nearly every' senior Al Qaeda member in U.S. custody."

Now the Bush haters simply will not accept that, but the fact is that the USA has captured a number of terror killers. And tough interrogation is the reason why.

As "Talking Points" stated earlier this week, the accused London terrorists targeting American jetliners were rounded up after Pakistani interrogators chatted with a captured al Qaeda guy over there. I'm sure the questioning was gentle.

This comes down to wanting to protect lies. I am tired of guys like Meyer accusing this nation of torture. Put up some evidence if you have it, sir. If you not, go down to a New York City fire station and see what happens to you.

And that's the Memo.

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