Remembering 9/11

Ever wish you could whisper in the president's ear? Give him advice on issues plaguing the nation? Well, here's your chance to tell the world what you would do if you were president of the United States. Each week we'll ask our readers a question about an issue facing the nation and post your responses here.

Today's question:

If you were president, how would you want America to commemorate anniversaries of the Sept. 11 terror attacks?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I would force memorials to be erected ASAP! I would not allow any politician to use the grounds where we were attacked and the planes crashed to be used for their own gain or for speeches. I think it is pathetic that my city's and state's leaders have accomplished nothing in terms of rebuilding the WTC and providing a suitable place for the families to morn. As president, I would ensure that the families of the victims have a special place removed from politicians and the press to grieve in peace."— Vinnie (New York, NY)

"If I were president, I would ask the American people to pray with me long and hard that the world live through this horrible age. I would reflect on what got us to this point. I would not be niave nor play innocent about how America's foriegn policy historically has contributed to the dangers we face today. I would also not balk at the threat that we now face. I would secure our interests unequivocably with unblinking force." — Lawrence (Boone, NC)

“If I were president, I would make 9/11 a national day of mourning and give the population a day off.” — Richard

“I'd ask Americans to remember what happened on that day in their own special way. I ask for a moment of silence for each time that a terrorist piloted plane hit the twin towers at all official observances. I'd reinforce the message that it was the evidence that emphatically, without one doubt, lead down the path that we are on and that I would stay the course until all enemies of this country are brought to justice.” — Mark (California)

“If I were president, I would give a worldwide speech that includes a moment of silence and prayer for all those who lost there life on that terrible day. Along with the speech, I would show the video of our Twin Towers being hit, falling to the ground and all of the innocent people running for there lives on the street of New York. This will be a reminder to everyone in our country who doesn't quite understand the meaning of this war.” — Amanda (Ohio)

“On September 11, I would want America to ignore the date and keep on doing what we do best, and that is being free. Also, I'd ask Congress to pass HR25 (fair Tax) as a celebration of freedom.” — Gene

“If I were president, I would spend the day calling or dropping in on fire and police departments just to say thank you. I would encourage my staff and the public to do the same, and I would declare September 11 a national holiday to honor all of the citizens of our country who domestically sacrifice their own safety for others.” — Jill (Houston, TX)

“If I were president, I would never forget, but I would drop the subject. We need to stop eulogizing the victory of an enemy.” — Jim

“I would make September 11 a national holiday.” — Zack

“September 11 should me marked as a national day of mourning and made a national holiday. Everything should be closed on that day so as not to forget what happened.” — Eddie

“ If I were president, I would move full speed ahead and capture or kill anyone associated with Al Qaeda. I would commemorate the day with an all out assault followed by victory! We must never forget what they did to us or it will happen again.” — Richard (Austin, TX)

“I believe it’s time to move on. We should honor the day nationally for one minute &#!51; from the time of the first tower hit to show respect for those that were lost to the tragedy. Our obsession with disaster anniversaries needs to end or we will be filling our whole calendar with doom and gloom. We need to remember but not obsess.” — Rick

<<p />"If I were president, I would ask news channels to run the images of the planes crashing into the towers every hour on the hour. I would have surviving family members make speeches reminding this nation who and what we lost on that day. And finally, I would set aside 11 minutes of silent prayer for the victims." — S.J. (Ohio)

"I would like the American people to unite with one voice against terrorism. I think many people have forgotten what 9/11 felt like. I would send a stern message to the terrorists that another 9/11 will never happen again regardless of who is in the White House." — Henry (Illinois)

"Remembering bravery, heroism, and the suffering of lost or injured loved ones is something that should be done continuously all our lives. As president, to commemorate 9/11, I would not only publicize the actual threat upon us from terrorism, but I would be at the forefront in stopping terrorism, thwarting attacks, and decimating terrorist groups physically as well as politically, in the Middle East and all over the world, from right here at home." — Robert (Chicago, IL)

"As president, I would make the commemoration of 9/11 no different than the commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day, with a short ceremony and a laying of a wreath at the site." — Ed (Redmond, WA)

"Congress would work all weekend and pass a comprehensive immigration bill with strict security enforcement. They would announce its passing on Sept. 11. They would also pass bills allowing NSA wiretapping, and military tribunals." — Debi

"I would want all of America to remember the Sept. 11 attacks by watching the planes flying into the WTC towers at least once a month. Most Americans have swept the 9/11 attacks under the rug and do not think it will happen again. But we need to remember the individuals that lost their lives and their families' heartache so we can avoid another 9/11." — Jim

"Sept. 11 should be a national holiday when we remember the individuals who perished in the towers and the airliners and the military at the Pentagon. It should be singled out because of the large number of innocent civilians killed and the fact that it was an attack on major population centers of our country, which started possibly the longest war in our history." — Philip

"If I were president, I would say something about the accomplishments in the war on terror, while at the same time running clips of the twin towers burning and people jumping out the windows to their death. I would emphasize what has to be done, and I would encourage over and over that all able bodied men between the ages of 18-30 to volunteer to serve in the Armed Forces to win this war. I would emphasize and to challenge the Democrats to come up with a detail plan to fight terror that is different from the way it is being handled now and to have this plan detailed in all the liberal bias news media. I would emphasize that the generation of today has to be willing to fight the war on terror, so that future generations will be safe." — Jerry

“If I were president, I would encourage my able citizens to volunteer for the armed forces. Remember what Kennedy said Ask not what your country can do for you but rather what you can do for your country.” — Marian

“The day should be a national holiday. In general, I think the population has forgotten the year it happened. It should be remembered just like Pearl Harbor.” — Rod (Grinnell, IA)

“If I were president, I would commemorate September 11th by finally telling the American people the truth about the events of that day. and clear up all the lies that led us into such a senseless war in Iraq.” — Brandon

“I don't believe the nation needs to do anything on September 11th. It happened and we have talked it to death. It is over. It is time to move on. Something commemorative needs to be erected in honor of those who died but that is for New York to decide.” — Jennifer

“I would, as president, encourage Americans to be reflective at the times when the planes struck and crashed. I would ask them to be thankful for their freedoms and remember all who have sacrificed defending our way of life.” — Andy (Kerrville, TX)

“If I were president, I would address the nation as Bush is doing. I would, however, speak to the families of those who died that day. I would offer a reason as to why Usama bin Laden is still at large and why our resources have been wasted in vain in Iraq. I would try to explain why the Bush administration misled the American public, and the world. I would try to gain the trust of the international community and truly go after those that attacked us that day.” — Kip (Boston, MA)