Colonels' Corner: Hunt Gets Political on Iran

Col. David Hunt
September 8, 2006

If I was going to be political about Iran, I would say this:

Mr. President, do not believe them. Do not believe the Iranians, but you still must engage them. Do not believe those who tell you that a few bombs dropped by our great Naval and Air Force aviators will solve the crisis. Look what happened when Israel tried to do it on the cheap. Do not believe those who tell you it is worth the risk. If we bomb Iran, we are at war — that means, or should mean, total war, not a war like we are fighting in Iraq. I am not a huge fan of Colin Powell, but he was right — when you go to war, it must be total: the whole country, the whole government, and the whole military.

We, the people, must be convinced by the same intelligence services that missed 9/11 and the WMD. They must now convince us that Iran has the bomb, or is close to using it, that we have to go to war for the third time with a third country in four years.

Iran sucks, but if we hit it now with all we have going in Iraq, our servicemen and women there will be the first to suffer, because missiles that can hit Israel can hit our men and women in Iraq. Mr. President, take a breath, kick the boys in blue out of the office, send some powerful negotiators or mafia-types to meet with Iran in some back room, and give them the power to make a deal.

If I was going to be political, I would also say, "Please stop being political with terrorism!" Mr. President, stop talking about war, and declare war on state-sponsored terrorism. Force your government to vote up or down on war, but please stop using the term without using the term — FOR REAL. I like the steadfastness, but we have to hold someone accountable. After all, over 2,300 great men and women have either lost the lives or their limbs. So, you need to fire somebody, or hire somebody to get this battle won — and to get ready for the next one.

Now, I would only say this if I was being political. Aren't we glad that I'm not (political, that is)?