BlackBerry Bonanza: Addicted to Work?

Here's the latest on border security: Although Sen. John Cornyn was on the show today and indicated there may be action on an "enforcement only" illegal immigration reform bill before the midterm elections, a very good source says nothing other than comprehensive reform — meaning a path to citizenship will get through — and it WON'T happen this session.

Do you have a BlackBerry? If so, you may have a lawsuit. A management expert from Rutgers predicts that disgruntled workers who feel they are unable to turn off their BlackBerry and personal digital assistants will begin suing their employers for technology addictions. Many people say that when a business gives you a company cell phone, pager and BlackBerry they are forcing you to be "at work" 24 hours a day and that can lead to an addiction. OK, it sounds screwy… but I've seen crazier lawsuits.

Need something every weirder? An Oregon woman allegedly shot her husband because he shot her pet chicken. Yes, her chicken. Mary Kay Gray is jailed on felony assault charges. Her husband, Stanley, is recovering. The chicken is dead.

Do you ever fly on a plane with your young children and hate lugging that heavy car seat on board? A new option has just been approved by the FAA: The CARES device is a harness-type safety restraint produced by AmSafe Aviation. It is designed for kids more than 1-year-old who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds and sit in their own seats. I put information on how to order one on my Web site at

Did you think "Jurassic Park" was purely fictional? Think again! If you watch the show you know I love the outdoors and am concerned about the environment. This is really frightening. It began a decade ago in Minnesota when frogs with extra legs were discovered. It was considered an early warning about environmental troubles linked to farm chemicals. In 2003 at numerous sites in West Virginia scientists found male bass with immature eggs in their sex organs. Then, last month testing in the Potomac showed that 80 percent of all MALE smallmouth and largemouth bass were growing eggs. Scientists say pollutants such as human estrogen from processed sewage, animal estrogen from manure, and certain pesticides and soap additives may be the cause. In 1996, Congress required the EPA to study how pollutants affect human health. The Associated Press reports that as of today not a single chemical has been tested.

Todd English's recipe from today's program is on the "FOX & Friends" Web site.

Finally, here's the latest dispatch from Neil Sean:

Neil Sean here with all the latest breaking showbiz news from the U.K.!

— Kicking off with so-called royal Paul Burrell: The tray carrier to the late great Princes Di has made the media furious here with his second book of secrets, timed just on the 9th anniversary of her death. Having met the guy, let me tell you girls he is a first class snob who has a real attitude problem with people who don't treat him like a Queen! Honestly, it makes so many of her devoted admirers here steam as he continues to peddle his fictional accounts of his deluded mind. Trust me: don't buy the book. You have heard it all before and would be better off sending a donation to one of Princess Di's charities. I met the princess twice and each time she was a true icon — a real people princess.

David Hasselhoff hit town this week plugging his tell-all book. What a book, what a life, what an ego! The star, who is not shy at self-promotion, let slip to me that he wants to crack the charts here with his own brand of music. He does have a sense of humor: He has covered a Madonna track for his album which has to be heard to be believed. The Hoff though is a great PR smuck and knows this. His book is set to hit the best-seller charts this week and fans can delight soon in seeing his tell-all reality TV show. He told me, "People like me. What can I do?"

— President Bush hit all the front pages last week in a fake and totally tasteless "assassination attempt." Crass, common and desperate for ratings are the company that are making this tasteless documentary. Rest assured, I along with many U.K. residents are huge fans of your glorious leader and think that this was the lowest of the low. All we ask is that you don't think we all agree with the silly show, which airs at some point this winter.

— Still laughing at the news that Tom Cruise has finally had his perma-tanned bubble burst with his removal from his studio. Can't believe that the hyped-up midget — who is as cold as Joan Rivers after surgery bandages — has gotten away with the act for so long. Katie Holmes must be regretting it all now. Who wants to have a stay at home Tom Cruise, eh girls? Worse than that, I hear that the short in size, big in ego star is still begging for forgiveness from movie queen Brooke Shields. Brooke dear, send him to the "Blue Lagoon"… alone.

— A quick mention to a great show that is playing here in the U.K.: "Slice of Minnelli" — an homage to our favorite fruitcake diva played in full drag by the great Rick Skye. It's a cruel send up of a real star and lets just say that the U.K.-star studded audience loved it. I hear he is on his way back to you guys. See him soon — it's best medicine by far and had the full house in hoots all night.

— Met your wonderful legendary comic Jerry Lewis a few years back when he came to London and starred on the West End stage. Have to say it's a thrill to see him back on TV and making so much for charity. He is one swell guy and should be your national treasure.

— Saw ex-"Friends" star David Schwimmer in town the other night. He still appears to be a singleton and not with anyone right now. He is here making a movie called "Run, Fat Boy, Run." He told me that he likes the life of London as people leave him alone – I think it's called also, "were you once famous?" syndrome. But I hate to spoil a friendship, don't you?

— Met Harry Potter star Rupert Grint last night at the premiere of his new movie, "Driving Lessons" — a real coming of age movie and he makes the part his own. Here is a secret: We know that Rup, who plays Ron Weasley in the "Potter" epics, failed to pass his driving test — so sadly a stunt double was used for him. He asked me to keep this a secret but…

— Saw the PM the other night: Tony Blair in the flesh! Now, I know I am known as the King and Queen of showbiz, but over here we're giving Blair such a rough time. Yet he is a charmer: he spoke to us all at a showbiz bash and despite the problems that people want him to go early from his post, he assures me he is sticking it out. By the way he looks far younger and less haggard in the flesh, girls.

— Sleazy model Kate Moss is still on the comeback trail, this time appearing half-naked in a series of tacky ads, but she let slip to my mole that she really would like to have a crack at acting full time. Still, with her reed-thin voice and less than savory background to date, I can't quite see Oscar calling, can you?

— Met up with the stunning Nicole Kidman, who is secretly filming in London. I spotted her dining on coffee and fruit salad at a café sat outside for all the world to see. We had a brief chat about the weather and she confessed she watches me on Sky News. I danced on air for hours! Plus, I better be kinder about those film reviews in the future. She also let slip that, "marriage is great. Trust me, I have found my soul mate, Neil. He is a lush, don't you think?" Do you agree girls? Let E.D. know.

— Finally, message to E.D. Hill from the poptatsic Scissor Sisters: Jake Shears & Co. were thrilled when I passed on the message that the foxy FOX News blonde loved their music. E.D., there is a special signed CD on the way to you and they promise to visit the FOX Studios next time you're on. The deal is you send a picture back of you holding the CD to this site.

Come on guys, get behind me and we could see E.D. in their next video!

See you Friday on "FOX & Friends!" Have a great week,
Neil Sean

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